An extraordinary dive tour

Strýtan is a hydrothermal chimney in the fjord that leads to the town of Akureyri in the north of Iceland. This is the only hydrothermal chimney that we know of on earth that is at a depth recreational divers can dive to. Please note that Akureyri is 400km north of Reykjavík.

The Strýtan day tour is guided by Erlendur Bogason, the discoverer and researcher of Strýtan and Arnarnesstrýtur, or divers he has trained.

You will feel the 79°C hot water steaming out of the cones and we will take some hot water with us up to the boat and make hot chocolate.

We will show you the variety of animals and plants living on the cones and you can help us discovering new animals we haven’t seen before.

At the small cones we will feed the wolf fish named Stefanía with the shell Arctica islandica. If you come in the first week of June we will dive down with Guillemot eggs, which we will boil at 24 meters depth. The boiling time for the eggs is 13 min.

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Tour Details


All year around.

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Participants must:

  • be certified at the level PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent
  • have a minimum of 10 logged dry suit dives or passed a dry suit course
  • be physically fit
  • not be pregnant
  • be at least 17 years of age (signature of legal guardian required for under 18 year old participants)
  • must be able to communicate in English or have a translator present at all times during the tour

6 – 8 hours

Please bring:
  • your scuba dive certification card
  • proof of dry suit diving experience
  • long underwear
  • thick socks
  • suitable clothes for the weather of the day
  •   All transport
  •   Experienced guide
  •   All equipment
  •   Two dives

Please see booking calendar below


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