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There are things you don’t see anywhere else but in the underwater world in Iceland.
Put on a dry suit and dive with us between the continents, in geothermal superheated water or in the vibrant Atlantic Ocean teeming with life on one of our amazing diving tours.

The Classic
Diver enjoying his dive in the pristine water of Silfra

Diving Silfra Tour

The Dive between the continents

From ISK 23.490
Five Star Reviews
over 3600 on tripadvisor
Dry suit course student learning to dry suit diving in Iceland

Dry suit course & Dive Silfra 2-day package

Get dry suit certified and dive Silfra!

From 83.480
The most photographed waterfall in Iceland, Gullfoss

Dive Silfra & The Golden Circle

All the highlights in one day

ISK 38.390
From Akureyri
Diver at the top of big Strýtan behind the halo- & thermocline

Dive Strýtan Day Tour

The only geothermal chimney in the world you can dive to!

sun star ocean iceland

Ocean Diver Day Tour

The North Atlantic is full of life

ISK 44.990
If you want your tour to be great...
...don´t be late :)

Hot Spring Diving Tour

Diving in bubbles like a champagne glass

ISK 39.990
A humpback whale in Iceland

Dive Silfra & Whale Watching

An awe inspiring experience

From ISK 44.480
How may nationalities work for DIVE.IS?
horseback riding tour Iceland laxness

Dive Silfra & Horseback Riding

Let the Icelandic horses show you their turf

From ISK 45.390

Discover the underwater landscape of Iceland on our diving tours

Iceland does not only offer you an amazing landscape above the water but also under the water. This country is known for its crystal clear water and its volcanos which offer you a breath taking experience and views. Why not spot this beauty and go on a diving day tour in Iceland? Let’s put on a dry suit and enjoy the clear water.
Our most popular diving day trip is the diving day tour to the Silfra. It belongs on every bucket list of a certified diver. Some other amazing diving day tours in Iceland are our day trips to Lake Kleifarvatn and the Ocean diver tour.
Only a few days on Iceland and want to make the most out of it? We help you to use your time in Iceland efficiently and not only dive the Silfra every single day. Join us on our combo day tours. Our diving day tour to the Silfra and the Golden Circle is for example a great way to tick the essential Golden Circle Tour box while dive Silfra on the same day. If you want a bit more action, the combo diving day tours with whale watching, horseback riding or discovering one of the mysterious lava caves is a great option.
Summer special: When you’re in Iceland during summer we highly recommend you to take your diving day tour in Silfra under the midnight sun. You are going to dive the Silfra in the late evening with only a few people around . The National Park Thingvellir reveals a very special summer night atmosphere.
Winter special: For all those brave ones visiting Iceland in winter we offer diving day tours to Silfra combined with a Northern Lights Tour. A absolute highlight for many visitors in Iceland every year at this time.

Note: To take part in any scuba diving tour in Iceland you need to have dry suit diving experience. But no worries! We offer the PADI Dry Suit Diver Speciality Course every day.

You want to dive more than one day in Iceland, have a look at our Multiple Day Diving Tours:

Diving Silfra Tour

The most popular dive tour in Iceland

If you are a certified scuba diver, it is a MUST to dive Silfra on your visit in Iceland. You will dive in drinking water and can touch two walls in two different continents at the same time. If you travel with non-divers this tour can be combined with the Snorkeling Silfra Tour on one of our daily departures all year around.
Get detailed Information and book our Diving Silfra Day Tour

ISK 23.490

Dry Suit Course & Diving Silfra 2-Day Package

Get dry suit certified and dive Silfra the next day

Learn Dry Suit Diving in Iceland. Cold water diving requires a different set of skills than warm water. Iceland is the perfect place to learn it.
More Information about the Dry Suit Course & Diving Silfra 2-Day Package

ISK 83.480

Dive Silfra & the visit the Golden Circle

Silfra in Thingvellir, Geysir & Gullfoss all in one day

For those who want to use their limited time in Iceland well, this is the perfect dive tour.
With experiencing a dive in Silfra, Thingvellir National Park, the famous spouting Geysir and Iceland’s most historic waterfall Gullfoss you have ticked off the MUST-DO program in a single day... in a small group with personal service.
Information about Dive Silfra & The Golden Circle Combo

ISK 38.390

Dive Strýtan Day Tour

Dive tour based in Akureyri

Next to Silfra, Strýtan is the second Icelander among the TOP 5 cold water dive sites in the world. A geothermally grown cone of magnesium & sulphur deposits reaching a height of over 50 meters with hot water flowing out. It’s just totally awesome and every dry suit experienced diver coming through Akureyri should do this tour.
Get detailed Information and book our Diving Strýtan Day Tour

Ocean Diver Day Tour

The North Atlantic is full of life

Even though there is plenty of water around Reykjavík, we take an hour drive to dive in Garður, an old fishing village on the very tip of the Reykjanes peninsula. It is as far out in the North Atlantic as you can get without a boat. Ocean currents bring plenty of nutrition and the rest follows... or waits.
More infos on our Ocean Diver Day Tour

ISK 44.990

Hot Spring Diving Tour

Dive around geothermal super heated water

This dive tour is an amazing experience both on land and underwater. Just a 45 minute drive from Reykjavík is lake Kleifarvatn, which is in the middle of one of Iceland’s most active seismic areas. We will do one dive around the geothermal UW hot springs and visit the geothermal area of Sétún/Krýsuvík as well.
More Infos about the Geothermal Hot Spring Dive Tour

ISK 39.990

Dive Silfra & Whale Watching

Use your limited time in Iceland well

If you haven't seen whales before, you should.
It's an awe inspiring experience, almost like Diving in Silfra.
Information about Dive Silfra & Whale Watching

ISK 44.480

Dive Silfra & Horseback Riding

Good Combo for diving horse lovers

Another smart tour for those who want to experience more. The Silfra dive will put you into the meditative mind set before you climb the back of an Icelandic horse. Horseback riding is a unforgettable activity in Iceland. It brings you so very close to nature and the Icelandic Horse is an amazing fella.
Infos and booking of our Dive Silfra & Horsback Riding Tour

ISK 45.390

Frequently asked questions about our Diving Day Tours

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