Multiple Day Dive Tours

Experience the best of Iceland - above & below

You can't get enough of diving and don't want the adventure to end after just one day? Then you shouldn't miss out on our multiple day dive tours. Whether you feel like having a weekend trip, a short holiday or an extended voyage of discovery: with our multiple day dive tours you can choose between five exciting expeditions through Iceland's wild and breathtaking nature above and below the surface with a duration of two to ten days.


2 Day Reykjavík Winter Dive Tour

Divers perfect getaway

Discover the most unique dive site in Iceland in 2 Days! On this multiple day dive tour you explore the world famous Silfra fissure and its wilder sibling Davíðsgjá.


3 Day Reykjavík Dive Tour

Silfra, ocean & hot spring diving

How about a 3 day diving weekend? On this amazing Reykjavík-based Multiple Day Dive Tour you plunge into the Atlantic Ocean and experience south western Iceland’s natural wonders.


3 Day Tear of Odin and South Coast

Amazing Sightseeing and Hidden Dive Sites

On this unique 3 day dive tour you explore the "must see" stops of the famous South Coast and discover stunning highlands, magnificent waterfalls and a hidden dive site.


3 Day Strýtan Dive Tour

Dive some of the world's most unique dive sites

This compact dive tour offers Iceland´s most popular dive sites in only 3 days! From the extreme Geothermal chimneys in the north to the unique tectonic dive in Silfra.


5 Day Highlights Dive Tour

Dive the big five

This 5 day dive tour gives you a perfect chance to discover Iceland’s highlights above and below the surface and to dive the five best dive sites in Iceland.


10 Day Dive Tour Around Iceland

Dive and drive Iceland's ring road

On your 10 Day Dive Tour you drive the ring road around Iceland, dive most stunning underwater highlights including the El Grillo shipwreck and visit stunning sites above the surface.

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