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For any reason and at any time, we will take you there

We can offer all of our tours as private tours with a personal guide and vehicle. You should book a private tour if you would like to avoid the crowds and travel at a time that fits your needs. Perhaps you're looking to use this tour as romantic occasion and wish to have a more intimate setting. Maybe your group needs a different pick-up time than offered on our scheduled tours or you might already be a group of 3 or 6 people who would want to do that day tour without other participants. The possibilities are endless and we are here to make them happen.

Chances are you will get to know us

Skip the line and go at a time that fits your needs

A private snorkeling tour in the clear waters of Silfra fissure. Avoid the crowds & go when you want. Available with or without pick up.

Mysterious and quiet

This private experience allows you to snorkel Silfra under the midnight sun. Combine the brightness of the Icelandic summer with snorkeling in the clearest water on the planet.

Be alone with nature on this brand new adventure

This private snorkeling tour on the Diamond circle near Husavik, will make you feel like you are alone with nature. Add pick up and a sightseeing tour for a top ...

No certification needed

Freedive Silfra in wetsuits between the continents with the best freedive gear available. With 100+ m visibility, Silfra is one of the TOP freedive places in the world.

Skip the line and go at a time that fits your needs

A private scuba diving tour in the clear waters of Silfra fissure. Avoid the crowds & dive at a time that fits your schedule.

Book a private 2 fissure dive combo

Join a private 2 dive fissure combo, located at Thingvellir national park. First we dive the famous Silfra and then her darker, wilder sibling Davíðsgjá

In the bright summer night

The midnight sun provides brightness all night in the summer and the national park is particularly quiet, making this an ultra private diving experience in Silfra

Extra private diving tour in Thingvellir National Park

Experience the 100m+ visibility and clear water between the continents just like in Silfra, but without the crowds, in this ultra private diving tour

The fresh and salty fissure

If you can't decide between an ocean or a freshwater dive, just to both in the same dive! This might be one of the coolest new dive spots in Iceland

2 dive spots in this new combo in Reykjanes

Join us on a wildlife Ocean dive in the North Atlantic followed by a fissure dive in salty and fresh water in Bjarnagja.

The North Atlantic is full of wildlife

Dive around kelp forests and visit a number of marine species that live in the North Atlantic. We dive in Reykjanes, about 1 hour drive from Reykjavik

A unique snorkeling experience

Unique snorkeling experience in the hot springs at Lake Kleifarvatn, Iceland. Avoid the crowds at a time that fits your schedule. Available with or without pick-up.

A bucket list dive

Dive in a glass of champagne among the hot springs at Lake Kleifarvatn, Iceland. This is a unique experience no diver should skip

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