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For family, friends, office buddies, school groups

Here at DIVE.IS we are commited to offer unforgettable adventures for you and your group of friends, family or office party. You can go snorkeling in Silfra, go lava caving in Thingvellir or in Hafnarfjörður, explore the Kleifarvatn lake, go scuba diving for the very first time and so much more!

On this page you can find a selection of combo tours that we have put together having in mind group activities, but you can always mix and match the experiences to get the perfect package for your group. We can always provide lunch and we might also be able to organize transportation, depending on your group size. Contact us for further information and to get a tailor-made program.

Group tours at Silfra


Snorkeling Silfra Group Tour

+11 people

Get a great deal for your group!

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Silfra Snorkeling & Caving in Thingvellir

An adventure between the continents

Snorkeling in Silfra and lava caving in the Gjábakkahellir cave in Thingvellir - the perfect combination to experience some of the most popular Icelandic natural features!


Silfra Snorkeling & Laugarvatn Fontana Spa

Glacial water and geothermal energy in one day

Kick start the day with a dip in the chilly waters of Silfra and then move on to a relaxing soak in the hot pots of Laugarvatn Fontana Spa.

Silfra Snorkeling & Paddleboarding

The perfect tour for the water fanatic!

See what's hidden below the surface of Silfra and explore lake Laugarvatn on a paddleboard. A fun-packed day on the Golden Circle route.

Group tours at Kleifarvatn


Hot Spring Snorkeling Tour

Swimming in a glass of champagne

Never heard of a hot spring where you can swim? Well, here you can! Kleifarvatn lake is waiting for you and your group, with its bubbles and its fascinating landscape.


Hot Spring Snorkeling & Lava Caving

Iceland underwater and underground

The forces of nature are always at work in Iceland! Come and see what the underwater and the underground world look like in this remote and mystical land.


Hot Spring Snorkeling, Lava Caving & Aurora Basecamp

The ultimate Icelandic experience

What is Iceland about if not geothermal energy, volcanoes and Northern Lights? This tour has it all! A day of exciting activities that showcase the best Iceland has to offer.


Hot Spring Snorkeling & ATV

A morning swim and a fun drive

Swim through the bubbles of a hot spring and have fun driving your ATV through the lava fields of the Reykjanes peninsula and its stunning scenery!

Elements you can choose for your group tour