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Join us snorkeling in Iceland

Iceland, with its clear water and a stunning underwater landscape, is an amazing country not only for divers, but also for the ones who want to try snorkeling.

Plus you don’t need any certificates or experience. Enjoy the deep views through the pure water and take this unforgettable memory back home.

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Silfra Snorkeling Day Tour

Rated no 4 Experience in the world by TripAdvisor

From 15.990



Snorkeling Silfra, Caves & Northern lights

Walk through lava tubes, swim between continents and observe Northern lights

ISK 26.890
What does "Silfra" mean?
The Silver Lady

Snorkeling Silfra & Northern Lights

Iceland's most spectacular views

ISK 22.890

Great value

Strokkur erupting on a summers day in Iceland

Snorkeling Silfra & Golden Circle

All the highlights in one day

ISK 29.990
When do you get into Silfra to warm up?
on a cold winter day
snorkeler diving towards camera between black sand bubbling hot water out of white rocks up to two snorkelers in Kleifarvatn

Geothermal Snorkel Tour

Snorkeling in a cool geothermal hot spring

ISK 15.990
Operating since

Snorkeling Silfra Group Tour

Get a great deal for your group!

ISK 17.990
ISK 16.341

Snorkeling Silfra Under The Midnight Sun

Mysterious and quiet

ISK 19.990
horseback riders and Icelandic horses taking break in green grass landscape close to river canyon Iceland

Snorkeling Silfra & Horseback Riding

The awesome Silfra fissure and beautiful Icelandic horse

From ISK 28.980
Does Silfra ever freeze over?
Never, due to the slight current.
humpack whale with white flippers splashing water jumping halfway out of sea in Icelands fjords

Snorkeling Silfra & Whale Watching

An awe inspiring experience of whales and Silfra

From ISK 27.980

Enjoy the pure water and deep views of Iceland on our snorkeling tours

The nature of Iceland is unique. Its location between two continents has created a stunning landscape - specially under water. Lava fissures, caves and crystal clear views. A snorkeling tour here feels like a relaxing meditation.
Our most booked snorkeling day tour is to Silfra. Float above a deep cleft and between two continents with an amazing deep view up to 100 meters (if your dive mask is clean). If you want to have it all, we offer a snorkeling day tour to Silfra and the golden circle. Here you can combine the best spots in one snorkeling tour. Or you can snorkel around geothermal super heated water at Lake Kleifarvatn.
For all snorkeling fans who visit Iceland in summer we have a special offer. Join us on out our snorkeling tour under the midnight sun at Silfra and experience a beautiful trip.
In winter you can combine with us snorkeling and seeing the northern lights. You can cross to bucket items from your list with one snorkeling tour.
If you are in Iceland only for a few days and you don’t want to spend your time only by snorkeling around in clear water, join us on our combo snorkeling day tour and mount an Icelandic horse or come with us whale watching.

Snorkeling Silfra Day Tour

The most popular snorkeling tour in Iceland

Floating weightless in the clearest water in this corner of the universe right between two continents is something you shouldn't miss.
Get detailed Information and book our Snorkeling Silfra Day Tour

ISK 15.990

Snorkeling Silfra, Caves & Northern Lights

Walk through lava tubes, swim between continents and observe Northern Lights

On this tour you will snorkel through one of the world’s most fantastic snorkel and dive sites, Silfra, go hiking through a lava tube that was created thousands of years ago by a river of red glowing lava and observe the Northern lights at the unique Aurora Basecamp.
Get detailed information and book the Snorkeling Silfra, Cave & Northern Lights Tour.

ISK 26.890

Snorkeling Silfra & the Northern Lights

Catch the best views above and below water

ISK 22.890

Snorkeling Silfra & The Golden Circle

Silfra in Thingvellir, Gullfoss & Geysir all in one

For those who want to use their limited time in Iceland well, this is the perfect tour. With experiencing Snorkeling in Silfra, Thingvellir National Park, the famous spouting Geysir and Iceland’s most historic waterfall Gullfoss you have ticked off the MUST-DO program in a single day... in a small group with personal service.
Get detailed Information and book our Snorkeling Silfra & The Golden Circle

ISK 29.990

Geothermal Hot Spring Snorkeling Tour

Snorkel around geothermally super heated water

This snorkeling tour is an amazing experience both on land and underwater. Just a 45 minute drive from Reykjavík is lake Kleifarvatn, which is in the middle of one of Iceland’s most active seismic areas.
We will snorkel around the geothermal UW hot springs and visit the geothermal area of Sétún/Krýsuvík as well.
Get detailed Information and book our Geothermal Snorkel Tour

ISK 15.990

Snorkeling Silfra Group Tour

A great deal for your group adventure!

Do you have a group of 10 or more participants for the Snorkeling Silfra Day Tour? Book here to get our group discount!

ISK 17.990 ISK 16.341

Snorkeling Silfra Midnight Sun Tour

Mysterious and quiet

Between the 15th of May and the 31st of August we conduct an afternoon departure to snorkel Silfra under the midnight sun. The Icelandic summer is a fantastic and beautiful time. For Iceland visitors it‘s amazing to experience when it does not get dark at night. To combine this with snorkeling in the clearest water on this planet right between the American and the Eurasian continent is extraordinary.
Get detailed Information and book our Snorkeling Silfra Midnight Sun Tour

ISK 19.990

Snorkeling In Silfra & Horseback Riding

Good combo for snorkeling horse lovers

Another smart tour for those who want to experience more. The Silfra Snorkeling will put you into the meditative mind set before you climb the back of an Icelandic horse. Horseback riding is a unforgettable activity in Iceland. It brings you so very close to nature and the Icelandic Horse is an amazing fella.
Get detailed Information and book our Snorkeling Silfra & Horseback Riding

ISK 28.980

Snorkeling Silfra & Whale Watching

Use your limited time well

If you haven't seen whales before, you should.
It's an awe inspiring experience, almost like Snorkelling in Silfra.
Get detailed Information and book our Snorkeling Silfra & Whale Watching

ISK 27.980

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