Learn dry suit diving in Iceland

Iceland is a beautiful and strange place to dive, presenting you with new experiences and considerations when taking the plunge.

Cold water diving requires a different set of skills than warm water. For instance, to be a competent dry suit diver you must be able to control your buoyancy, clear air from your feet, and remove your dry suit inflator hose and replace it.

DIVE.IS instructors have taught the PADI Dry Suit Course on an almost weekly basis for years. During the summer season we have both enough daylight and good weather to be able to run our standard one day Dry Suit Course, whilst guarenteeing you a course to the highest quality. This course also gives you the opportunity to complete at least one of your training dives in the beautiful Silfra.

The course is structured as follows:

  • Theory and Knowledge Review
  • Confined water session
  • Two Open water dives with at least one in Silfra

During the Confined session your instructor will introduce you to diving in a drysuit, including donning, care, bouyancy control skills and emergency avoidance skills. You will then move on to your open water dive site where you will have to practice these skills again at a deeper depth and different environment.

The course has a maximum of three students per instructor, which gives each student the greatest individual attention.  With training over a variety of dive sites this dry suit course provides a sturdy basis for all of the cold-water dives that you will undertake in the future.

Please note that participants are not allowed to bring any type of camera into the water on the course. This is prohibited by PADI standards.

Visit our website on dry suit diving.

Course Details


Available from February 15th – October 15th.

Please check the booking calendar below for scheduled courses.

This course might also be available on request from February to October.


Prior to beginning participants must:

  • be certified as PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent certification from a recognised diver training agency
  • be at least 18 years of age
  • All participants age 60 or older and all participants under a doctor’s care for any ongoing medical condition must have our medical form signed by their physician.

10-12 Hours on a single day

Min / Max:

Minimum 2 divers.

Maximum 3 divers per guide.

Please bring:
  • Your dive certification card
  • Long underwear and thick socks
  • Your Dry Suit Manual if you already own one
  • Hat and Gloves to wear between dives
  • Extra pair of thermal underwear
  • One Knowledge Development session with your instructor
  • 1 Confined Open Water session
  • 2 Open Water Dives
  • PADI Certification fee
  • All equipment necessary to complete the course
  • Transport to and from the Reykjavík Area
  • Entrance fee into Silfra

The PADI Dry Suit Manual is excluded from the course price and costs ISK 5.590,- extra at our dive centre.

You will need to complete the knowledge development in the Dry Suit Manual prior to the course. You are welcome to either purchase the manual from us or from your local PADI Dive Centre.  If you buy it from us, please be sure to come pick up your dry suit manual at least one day in advance of your course so that you have enough time to read it.

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