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PADI Silfra Tectonic Köfunarnámskeið

Óvenjuleg PADI kafara réttindi

ISK 12.990
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PADI Þurrbúninganámskeið

Betra er að vera þurr og heitur en blautur og kaldur

ISK 58.980

Silfra Tectonic Course

An unusual dive certification

The PADI Tectonic Plate Awareness Distinctive Specialty Course has been designed by DIVE.IS and gives you a much deeper insight into diving between the continents. Get a better understanding of plate tectonics and what it means to dive between them.
Get detailed Information and book our Silfra Tectonic Course

ISK 12.990

PADI Dry Suit Diver Course

Get dry suit certified!

Learn Dry Suit Diving in Iceland. Cold water diving requires a different set of skills than warm water. Iceland is the perfect place to learn it.

ISK 58.980

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