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Two divers in Davíðsgjá

2 daga vetrarferð

Upplifðu alvöru vetur

ISK 119.000
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Diver in Nesgjá, Iceland

5 daga köfunarferð: Hápunktar Íslands

Kafaðu á 5 helstu köfunarstöðum Íslands

ISK 449.000
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10 daga hringferð

Kafaðu og keyrðu hringinn um landið

ISK 899.000

Our passion: travel all over Iceland... and dive

“Iceland is frontier diving” as David our lead guide for longer tours puts it.
On our multiple day tours all over & under Iceland you will not only dive some of the most unique and amazing dive sites on this planet but also travel though Iceland’s spectacular nature and learn a lot about this special island of the North Atlantic.

2 daga vetrarferð frá Reykjavík

Hin fullkomna köfunarhelgi

ISK 119.000

3 daga köfunarferð frá Reykjavík

Kafaði í Silfru, sjó og hver

The 3 Day Reykjavík dive tour combines our 3 most popular Reykjavík-based dive day tours.
It is a combination of the Ocean Diver Tour, the Geothermal Hot Springs Dive Tour, and the Diving Silfra Day Tour.
In addition to exploring the unique underwater worlds of each dive site, we will also visit Thingvellir National Park and the geothermal activity in the area of Krýsuvík on the Reykjanes peninsula.

ISK 149.900

5 daga ferð: Kafað fyrir sunnan og norðan

Kafaðu á 5 helstu köfunarstöðum Íslands

The Highlights of Iceland Diving surely lives up to its name as in only 5 days we will be diving the best of the best dive sites Iceland has to offer. Along the way, we will do some sightseeing at some of the best known and “must see” sites in the country. Therefore, this tour is very non-diver friendly.

ISK 449.000

Kafaðu hringinn á 10 dögum

Kafaðu og keyrðu hringinn um landið

On our 10 Day Tour around Iceland we will drive the Ring Road around Iceland and visit all the underwater highlights as well as many of the amazing top-side sites and scenery Iceland has to offer. It’s the ultimate dive tour in Iceland!

ISK 899.000

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