Godafoss, or waterfall of the Gods, is located on the Diamond circle in Iceland

The Diamond circle

The must see sightseeing route in North Iceland

Exploring Iceland's Diamond Circle: A Nature Lover's Paradise

Discovering the Diamond Circle

Welcome to Iceland's Diamond Circle, a breathtaking journey through some of the country's most spectacular natural wonders. This iconic route in northern Iceland is a must-visit for travelers seeking awe-inspiring landscapes, dramatic waterfalls, volcanic marvels, and the enchanting beauty of the Arctic.

The Diamond Circle is a scenic circuit that showcases the best of Iceland's diverse landscapes. Starting from the town of Húsavík, often called the whale watching capital of the world and ending in Akureyri, the route takes you on a journey through a wonderland of geological wonders and cultural treasures.

The whole Diamond Circle is about 250km and can be traveled in 1-3 days. 4x4 cars are recommended from October - April.

Húsavík: Whale Watching capital of the world

We start the Diamond Circle in Húsavík, a charming coastal town renowned for its whale watching excursions. Set sail on a boat tour and witness these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, a truly unforgettable experience. Húsavík also offers a glimpse into Icelandic coastal life, with colorful houses, cozy cafes, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Snorkeling and diving on the Diamond Circle

About 30 minutes from Húsavík and 15 minutes from Ásbyrgi, you can snorkel in a lagoon in Litlaá river. The water in this lagoon comes from two sources: hot water from a geothermal area nearby and freshwater from wells on the bottom of the lagoon. The lake's floor is full of mesmerizing dancing sands; it looks like something from a different planet. We also offer snorkeling and diving tours in Nesgjá fissure , sometimes called the Silfra of the North as it has the clear water with its visibility.

Snorkel or dive on the Diamond Circle with us

North Iceland

Bubbling Sands Snorkeling Tour

River floating over bubbling sands, green algea fields and wildlife

ISK 19.990
North Iceland

Hot and Cold Snorkeling and Spa Tour in the North

Two geothermal activities in one selfdrive tour

ISK 25.990
North Iceland

Whale watching & Bubbling Sands Snorkeling Combo

Double Diamond Circle selfdrive combo

ISK 32.980
North Iceland

Diving & Snorkeling Combo in North Iceland

Or a double snorkeling adventure for the non divers

ISK 49.990

Ásbyrgi: The Shelter of the Gods

Wrap up your Diamond Circle journey with a visit to Ásbyrgi, a horseshoe-shaped canyon steeped in Norse mythology. According to legend, this stunning formation was created by the hoofprint of Odin's eight-legged horse, Sleipnir. Explore the walking trails, marvel at the towering cliffs, and soak in the mystical atmosphere of this natural wonder.

Dettifoss: Europe's Most Powerful Waterfall

No visit to the Diamond Circle is complete without a stop at Dettifoss, Europe's most powerful waterfall. Feel the ground tremble beneath your feet as you witness thousands of cubic meters of glacial water thundering into the canyon below. The sheer force and raw power of Dettifoss are simply awe-inspiring.

Dettifoss waterfall on the Diamond Circle in Iceland
Goðafoss waterfall on the Diamond circle in Iceland

Lake Myvatn: A Volcanic Wonderland

Next on the Diamond Circle is Lake Myvatn, a geological wonderland shaped by volcanic activity. This area is a paradise for nature lovers, with its steaming hot springs, bubbling mud pots, and lunar-like landscapes. Explore the pseudocraters of Skutustadir, hike through the lava fields of Dimmuborgir, and soak in the soothing waters of the Myvatn Nature Baths.

Godafoss: The "Waterfall of the Gods"

One of the first stops along the Diamond Circle is Godafoss, a majestic waterfall known for its sheer beauty and historical significance. Legend has it that in the year 1000 AD, Iceland's lawspeaker Thorgeir Ljosvetningagodi made Christianity the official religion of Iceland by throwing statues of Norse gods into the falls. Today, Godafoss continues to captivate visitors with its thundering cascade and serene surroundings.

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