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When is the best time to dive in Iceland?


Each season has its own pros and cons. Spring and fall are best for those who like to stay out of the crowds. While we dive in small groups, some of the on-land sites we visit are popular among your run-of-the-mill tourists and, frankly, can get a little crowded, although we do know of quite a few out-of-the-way gems. Late spring you'll see the vegetation come alive and the birds and the bees buzzing by with excitement. The autumn colors of the turning leaves are definitely something to behold, and the weather is often calm and the air crisp. Summer is the busiest season and for a good reason. It's the warmest and most lush time of the year with nature in full bloom. For the diving tours, the main difference between the seasons is that in the summer (April-October), we have all the dive sites available, whereas in the winter (November-March) we only have the Silfra dive site available, and occasionally Daviðsgjá. All the other dive sites are sadly not available due to road closures (ice and snow), and the water is frozen over or unsafe conditions.

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