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What sets DIVE.IS apart from other companies?


First and foremost, we can safely say that we, by far, possess the most experience and expertise in conceiving and conducting dive tours and expeditions in Iceland. The company was founded by pioneers and field leaders in offering regular recreational dive tours in Iceland – since 1997 – and has, as such, set the standard for others to follow. The broad selection and diversity of dive tours and expeditions on offer ensures that everyone can find a diving adventure that suits their interests and passions, from the beginner to the seasoned explorer. Through decades of careful research and scouting, we are able to conceive of itineraries and activities based on first-hand knowledge and experience to bring you the most unique opportunities and exciting nature encounters. Last, but certainly not least, we place a high value on the human touch and social side of your travel experience. Therefore, we employ only the very best (and nicest) guides available. We hand-pick the most experienced and seasoned guides out of a sizeable pool of dive guides working locally (mostly for our affiliate company, DIVE.IS). Our extended tours and expeditions, in turn, are largely in the capable hands of our very own David Sigurthorsson (HYPERLINK), Iceland’s most experienced dive guide and expedition leader, whom many of you already know from your previous visits.

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