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How does the Ocean and Bjarnagjá combo tour work?


The Ocean & Bjarnagjá combo tour is available on our website on request. The requirements for the tour are a PADI Open Water or any equivalent certification, as well as a dry suit diving certification. In lieu of a dry suit certification, you can show 10 logged dry suit dives within the last two years, which must be confirmed with written proof from a diving instructor. You can find this form attached. Both of the dive sites on this tour are located in Reykjanes peninsula, about an hour drive from downtown Reykjavík. Bjarnagjá is an 18 m deep lava ravine on this very peninsula where the tectonic activity has caused Iceland to rise out of the ocean. The water in Bjarnagjá is mostly fresh groundwater, but it is influenced by the salinity of the sea, as the rift is only a few hundred meters from the coast. Your Ocean and Bjarnagjá combo tour begins with a pickup from your accommodation in Reykjavík, and the structure of your tour depends on the tides and weather conditions that day. You will receive an updated tour time and additional information a couple of days before your tour. Each dive will take about 30–40 minutes, with a maximum depth of 18 meters. After each dive, you will have hot cocoa and cookies with the guide. After the second tour, we drive back to Reykjavík. We recommend visiting the Blue Lagoon after your tour. If you have booked transportation, we can drop you off there. Please note: the Bjarnagjá dive site is currently not available due to the volcanic activity in that area.

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