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How can I pay for the photos?


The guide loves capturing amazing moments throughout the tour, and they will have a wonderful collection of photos for you to browse and purchase. You'll be able to find your perfect shots directly from your guide at the end of the tour for just 3,000 ISK.
The photo package includes not only the photos from your tour but also our Best of Silfra folder, where you can discover the beauty of Silfra at its finest.
It's important to note that this is not a private photoshoot, so your folder will include pictures of all the lovely people in your group.
As your safety is always our top priority, there might be instances where the guide needs to assist another snorkeler in the water, which could affect the availability of the photos.
However, if you let your guide know that you're interested in having some photos taken, they will do their absolute best to make it happen.
If you decide at a later date that you would like to purchase the photos you can contact our office and a payment link will be sent to you, allowing you to pay online.

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