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Do you see any life in Silfra?


Although there is plenty of life in Silfra, most of it is either plant life or micro-invertebrates, which are not visible to the human eye. Silfra is home to a unique amphipod called Crymostygius Thingvallensis found only in Thingvellir Lake and the surrounding fissures, such as Silfra.
In regard to fish life, there are three different species of fish that live in the lake: Brown Trout, Arctic Char and Sticklebacks, however, only the Arctic Char visit the fissure; they are frequent visitors during mating season in August and September. Throughout the rest of the year, the only fish who live in the Silfra fissure are the Dwarf Char, a subspecies of the Arctic Char. These range in size from a few centimeters to approximately 10cm maximum and live down in the darker recesses near the rocks and as such are not often spotted by divers or snorkelers.

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