Padi Advanced Diver Course

Continue to the 2nd chapter of your diving career

Adventures in Diving

At DIVE.IS we offer the PADI Adventures in Diving Program which usually takes two days.
In this program you will work closely with our instructors to learn the skills and theory necessary to dive safely and have fun doing it. You will develop your current skills as a diver to practise planning and executing dives up to 30m depth with a buddy.

After successful completion you will be a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, which certifies you to dive to 30m with a buddy anywhere in the world. This is a lifetime certification and is recognized by any reputable dive centre. You can also use your Adventure Dives to credit towards the correponding Specialty Course.

The PADI Adventures in Diving Program is a flexible and modular course. You will complete three mandatory specialties:

  • Deep Adventure specialty (mandatory for PADI)
  • Underwater Navigation specialty (mandatory for PADI)
  • Dry Suit specialty (mandatory for DIVE.IS)

Because we are in Iceland and we dive in cold water, all of our dives are carried out in dry suit. These dives will count towards the dry suit specialty that is part of your Advanced Open Water Course.
You then have the freedom to choose two of the elective specialties, though we recommend some of these:

  • Night Adventure Dive (seasonal)
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy Adventure Dive
  • Digital Underwater Photography Adventure Dive
  • Naturalist Adventure Dive

You will complete these modules through independent study and open water training sessions. You will work with your instructor in advance to determine the Adventure Dives to be completed.

Certified PADI Advanced Open Water Divers can:

  • Plan, organize and execute dives with a certified buddy.
  • Take excursion and training dives at dive centres and resorts around the world.
  • Receive air fills for scuba cylinders.
  • Register and participate in the PADI Rescue Diver Course.
  • Register and participate in selected PADI Specialty Courses.
  • Gain credit for Adventure Dives completed to the corresponding Specialty Course
  • Register in and participate in the PADI Scuba Review.

Gott að Vita – Good to Know

  • Many of the most sought-after dive sites in the world require experience in advanced diving techniques, such as deep, wreck, drift or night diving.
  • The Peak Performance Buoyancy Adventure Dive is one of the most popular electives in the Adventures in Diving Course.

Note: Union Grants and Other Benefits

Most unions in Iceland subsidize a part of the course fee for their members. We encourage you to find out your rights within your union.
If you are a high school or university student, the course may provide a certain number of credits that you can use towards your degree.

Note: Add your Dry Suit Certification to dive at Silfra

The dry suit specialty you will complete during your Advanced Open Water Course, is not a dry suit certification. If you want to dive at Silfra, you will have to obtain the actual dry suit certification. This is available at an additional fee of 10.000 ISK and it includes the Dry Suit Diver eLearning Manual, Knowledge Reviews and Certification fee. You will complete the necessary skills during the Advanced Open Water Course, but you will have to also complete the Knowledge Reviews on the eLearning manual.

Former DIVE.IS students who have completed their Advanced Open Water course with us receive a 50% discount on all diving day tours from Reykjavík.

Course Details


March to October, weather conditions permitting
This course might also be available on request.


Four dives over one weekend
Day 1: Two dives with their associated Knowledge Development sessions
Day 2: Two dives with their associated Knowledge Development sessions


The course requires a minimum of 2 students
The course runs on a maximum ratio of 4 students to one instructor.


Your tuition includes:

  • PADI Advanced Open Water eLearning Manual
  • Knowledge Development review with your PADI Instructor
  • Four Open Water Dives over two days
  • Certification fee
  • Equipment Rental


From ISK 89.990

Send us an email

For your safety

  • certified as PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent

  • be at least 18 years of age

  • be physically fit

  • be able to communicate in English

  • not be pregnant

  • complete a PADI Medical Statement