Whale Watching from Reykjavik

One of the most exciting sights!

Whale watching off the coast of Reykjavik

A once-in-a-lifetime experience

Enjoy a 3-hour boat tour in the Faxaflói bay off the coast of Reykjavik, guided by our highly trained and expert naturalists. We will go on an exciting expedition looking for whales, dolphins and birds that populate the bay, while immersing ourselves in the fascinating landscape made up of mountains and fjords.
Your experience begins even before we leave the harbor. Our visitors center is housed in a converted fishing vessel that is permanently docked at the pier and, in the hull of the boat, you will find our unique wildlife exhibition. This will give you afirst introduction to the endemic species that inhabit Iceland and specifically the Reykjavik bay.
You will then move on to the actual whale watching boat, where you will find several viewing platforms, a heated indoor area with large windows, a cafeteria and a cloak room where you find blankets and overalls that you can borrow for the duration of the tour. You are welcome to stay inside during the tour, or to be outside on deck. One of our experienced naturalist will give a live commentary during the tour and point out any sightings.

The species we see most often are minke whales, humpback whales, white-beaked dolphins and harbour porpoises. Occasionally we see other species such as killer whales, fin whales, sei whales and long-finned pilot whales, however they are not as common. We want to point out that, even though the tour runs all year round, the summer is the time where the animals are most active and therefore most likely to make an appearance. On tour we have the chance to observe these fascinating creatures while they are feeding on fish and krill, as well as while they are simply playing and displaying their typical behavior.
Nonetheless, every year the winter season surprises us with the increased activity that we manage to register.

Because this is a wildlife experience, we can't guarantee a sighting on every tour. In case we don't have any sightings, we will offer you complimentary tickets for another tour, so that you can try your luck again on a different day.
Please keep in mind that, as all outdoor activities in Iceland, this tour is dependent on the weather of the day. We ask you to be flexible in case the tour schedule needs to be altered.

Tour Details

  • All year round

  • 3 hours

  • Tour operated by Elding Adventures at Sea

From ISK 11.990


  • 3 hr. whale watching tour
  • Use of warm overalls and blankets
  • Excellent live guidance in English
  • Free WiFi on board
  • Access to our Wildlife Exhibition
  • Heated indoor saloon
  • Large viewing windows
  • Free tickets in case of no sighting
  • Pictures taken by crew (if any)

Please bring:

  • Suitable clothes for the weather of the day (preferably waterproof and windproof)


  • Refreshments (at extra fee)

Bookable extras:

  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off (2.200 ISK per person)
  • visa.png
  • mastercard.png

Safety requirements

There are no specific safety requirements for this tour

Meet us here

Elding Whale Watching

Ægisgardur 5, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

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