Liquid Meditation Iceland Style

We offer the largest variety of dive and snorkel tours in Iceland.
Some in combination with other activities and others under the midnight sun.
We love our multiple day tour packages and exclusive tours just as much as our dive expeditions to yet to be discovered dive sites.
We also arrange private tours for both individuals or groups as well as services for journalists and TV crews.


Get Dry Suit Certified and dive Silfra in one day !

Learn Dry Suit Diving in Iceland. Cold water diving requires a different set of skills than warm water. Iceland is the perfect place to learn it.    

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Snorkeling Day Tours

Ever thought about snorkeling in a fresh water fissure between two continents?!

Water temperature: Just above freezing Visibility: Depends solely on the quality of your dive mask Where: In a lava fissure ripped open by earthquakes What else: Combine it with other great nature sights and activities Why: Because YOU want to take this memory home

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Multiple Day Tours

Our passion: Travel all over Iceland... and DIVE

"Iceland is frontier diving" as David our lead guide for longer tours puts it. on our multiple day tours all over & under Iceland you will not only dive some of the most unique and amazing dive sites on this planet but also see many of Iceland´s on-land nature sights and learn a lot about out island of the North Atlantic.

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Media & Film Crew Services

Iceland makes great footage

Over the years we have had the pleasure of helping quite a lot of film crews and journalists to aquire some excellent UnderWater and On-Land footage & images as well written and spoken text.
We take this very seriously and have the experience and contacts to make stuff happen.

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Private Tours

You don't have to be Tom Cruise

There are reasons to book a private tour. Even though our rule is to have a maximum ratio of 4 divers or 8 snorkelers on one guide on our regular day tours, there are circumstances when it makes a lot of sense to rather book a private tour.

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