Freediver ascending in Silfra little crack

Freitauchen Touren

Enjoy the freedom and excitement

Freediving is an amazing way to experience the underwater world.
You move freely in your wetsuit and dive down on a single breath.
You are more agile and flexible than a scuba diver but will still enjoy the same vistas.
Freeding in Iceland is not for the faint-hearted since the water temperatures are low compared to most places that are popular for freeding.
However, the thick and tight wetsuits will keep you well insulated and you will get a dry robe before and after your freedive.

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Silfra Freitauchen Tagestour

Das klarste Wasser der Welt

ISK 24.900

Silfra Nacht Freitauchtour

Freedive between the continents - at night!

ISK 29.900
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Freitauchen Essensjagd

Half day freedive foodhunt

ISK 34.900

Snorkeling Silfra Day Tour

The most popular snorkeling tour in Iceland

Floating weightless in the clearest water in this corner of the universe right between two continents is something you shouldn't miss.
Get detailed Information and book our Snorkeling Silfra Day Tour

ISK 24.900

Silfra Night Freedive Tour

No certification needed!

Freediving in Silfra at bright night-light is an amazing experience. The atmosphere in the night is one-of-a-kind. Plunge between the continents in the best visability!
Get detailed Information and book our Silfra Night Freedive Tour

ISK 29.900

Freedive Foodhunt

Half day freedive foodhunt!

Prepare to go hunting in the water and catch your own food, no certification needed!
Get detailed Information and book our Freedive Foodhunt Tour

ISK 34.900

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