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We all know that travelling can be tricky when it comes to finding reliable information about your destination, aside from opinions and reviews.

We have compiled a list of useful links that will make a difference during your trip and we suggest you bookmark this page for easy consultation.

General tourist information

  • Visit Reykjavik is the official tourism office of the capital. Here you will find everything you need to know about Reykjavik. Things do and see, restaurants, events and much more. Especially useful is the Plan your trip section, where you can find maps and figure out the most convenient way to use public transport in town

  • Bus Stop is the map where you can see the designated pick up locations around town. These are valid for all tour operators, so it's good to have the map on hand when you are booking your activities with transportation from Reykjavik.

  • Dine Out is a very useful tool to make restaurant reservations, or to just browse and get an idea of your dining options wherever you are on the island. The website is only partially translated into English, but it's intuitive enough.
    It's useful to point out that the Where tab on the reservation tool is not translated, so here it is:
    Höfuðborgarsvæðið: Capital region
    Suðurland og Reykjanes: South region and Reykjanes peninsula
    Vesturland og Vestfirðir: Western region and Westfjords
    Norðurland: Northern region
    Austurland: Eastern region

  • Thingvellir National Park is where you find Silfra and a bunch of other things to see. On their website you can find all sorts of information about the park, its hiking trails and camping sites. Very important is the page about the rules for parking your car, which can be found under the Service tab. The meeting point for our Silfra diving and snorkeling tours is close to parking lot P5.
    Other interesting information on what to do in the park and around Silfra can be found on our blog post

  • Visit Iceland is another great resource to use to plan your trip. Similar to Visit Reykjavik (linked above) but, as its name suggests, it refers to the whole country

  • Icelandia is still in the making and it will be a container for the leading tour operators in the country. We'll be on it too!

Practical information

While Iceland is a wonderful country, we have to admit it can be tricky to navigate sometimes. The weather changes in the blink of an eye and this can cause disruption to travel plans that were meticulously put together.
If this happens, we got you covered:

  • SafeTravel is the website of the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue and it's updated in real-time about road and weather conditions. Under the Outdoors tab you can find the best practical information about hiking, camping and even crossing rivers.
    A great feature of this website is that groups can submit their travel plan. This can be extremely useful in case of an emergency.
    It's very important to keep in mind that the Search & Rescue association of Iceland is made up entirely by volunteers. These wonderful people offer their time and knowledge to bring people to safety when needed. While in Iceland, it's crucial to follow directions and warnings to avoid putting your life and others' in danger.

  • is similar to SafeTravel, but it specifically shows road conditions, closures and warnings in real time. It's good to have a look there before getting in the car for a road trip. Here you also find live webcams that cover pretty much the whole country.

  • Last but not least: This website pulls the information directly from the Icelandic Met Office, so it's the most reliable source when it comes to weather forecast and warnings (pretty frequent during the winter months). Another great feature of this platform is the Aurora forecast, to find out if you have a chance of seeing the northern lights on the days that you are in Iceland.

Bonus tip

  • The Visitors Guide website has a bunch of info about activities, restaurants and other topics, but the most interesting thing on the website is the Discount Coupons page. Here you can find tons of discount codes for restaurants, bars, tours and activities all over Iceland.