Tobias Klose

Managing Director & Owner

Tobias started breath-hold diving for small coins in German high diving pools when he was 7 years of age. It wasn't until in 1995 that he learned to equalize his ears on a PADI Open Water Diver course. A few years later in 1998 he did his PADI Diving Instructor education on Roatan, Honduras. He is German but has lived in Iceland since 2001 with his wife Thorunn. Tobias started managing the operating business of DIVE.IS in summer 2006. With his long-time experience as a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and PADI Staff Instructor Tobias sets the standards for all dive courses and dive tours conducted by DIVE.IS.

Höskuldur “Hössi” Elefsen

General Manager & Chief Fulfiller of Needs

Hossi was born in Denmark but grew up in Siglufjörður, a small (former) fishing village in the very north of Iceland. He studied business at the University of Iceland and graduated with a B.Sc. degree before DIVE.IS fished him out of the crowd. Hossi enjoys it a lot when he gets out into the fresh Icelandic air & water to do some diving. His favorite dive site is the Underwater Hotsprings in Kleifarvatn but his ambition is to find to ultimate dive spot in Iceland... apart from Silfra, Strytan and the rest.

Þorvaldur “Valdi” Björnsson

Technician & Project Manager

Valdi is the rock in the stormy sea. He is a master electrician by trade and has worked self employed most of his life. He has vast experience in the building industry and has been in charge of large house building projects in Reykjavik for many years. Today he helps his sons in law running this company and is responsible for many of the practical aspects of the DIVE.IS equipment, cars, premises, etc. He is a BARE Service Technician and if something needs to be fixed… Valdi can do it and will do it... right away. It is invaluable to have a such down to earth, warm and experienced viking-original in the team.

Ásdís Dagnýjardóttir

Assistant General Manager

Ásdís is half Icelandic and half American. She grew up in the States, but spent each summer here in Iceland with the maternal side of her family. Ásdís studies the history of medieval art and literature and is currently writing a master’s thesis on medieval Icelandic manuscripts. However, her bookish interests are paralleled by her love of the outdoors, and Icelandic nature in particular.

María Edwardsdóttir

Debit Credit Diva

Maria has extensive experience diving into numbers. Her love of spreadsheets is widely known and she commonly refers to Excel as her favorite computer "game". She has accumulated a list of versatile job titles over the years and on her CV you will find "Computer hardware specialist", "Janitor" and "Entrepreneur" to name a few. Before she joined she was managing a private clinic in between having a bunch of kids (now totaling 5) with her meteorologist husband Ólafur. Maria enjoys surrounding herself with fun and interesting people and thus is perfectly placed at

Zvjezdan “Jammi” Jovisic

Operations Manager & Instructor

Jammi was born and raised in Bosnia but moved to Iceland in 1993. He has his day job running his own bussines as a carpenter, also coaching handball. He first fell in love with diving as a litlle boy, thanks to TV and Jacques Coustou and the Calypso. Jammi took his first breath hold dives in Adriatic Sea and learned scuba diving with DIVE.IS in 2009, became a Divemaster in 2011, and an Instructor in 2013. When not in a dry suit, he spends most of the time with his family, he loves good esspresso and plays his guitar on almost every DIVE.IS hangout. His favorite quote is “where ever you go, there you are“ and he lives to capture every moment of life...


Yana Saliu


Yana was born in the East Siberian region of Russia. She loves doing bookkeping and dealing with numbers very accurately. She is always ready and glad to help those who are looking for any financial-bound answer concerning bookings. She knows very well that it´s not only numbers that rule the world but also love. The love of a mother, the love for nature and all the beauty of which it stems from. Iceland is without doubt the mirror of this beauty, where she lives happy with her family.

Eva Mattadóttir

Project Manager & Dream Broker

Eva was born in San Diego, California but raised in Iceland. Her main interest is human relations, helping people succeed and being happy. She has lived in Ecuador where she spent her time volunteering at daytime and dancing salsa into the night. She has studied acting in Los Angeles, business,- sales- and marketing, life coaching and is a certified Dale Carnegie coach for teens. Eva’s favorite person in the whole world is her daughter, Elísabet.

Monika Jovisic

Project Manager & Dreambroker

Monika is a small girl with big dreams. She was born and raised in Iceland while spending her summers in the beautiful mountains of Bosnia and warm beaches of Croatia. From early age she has had huge interest in history, specially art. She studied it for a while but she thinks the best way to study your interests is to see them with your own eyes. Therefor she uses every opportunity to travel the world. She also uses her beloved guitar as a stress release while singing along. Handball and photography are also a huge part of her life. She likes to challenge herself and chase after her goals. One of her biggest dreams and goals in life is to make a difference and make us all equal.

Rakel Magnúsdóttir

Project Manager & Dream Broker

This tiny viking was born and raised in Iceland. Don't be fooled by the tiny part, big on the inside and always up for an adventure. No matter the task she gets it done. Home sweet home kind of girl but also has a passion for traveling the world, yoga/yoga instructor, scuba diving, hiking and snowboarding.

Gauti Elfar Arnarsson

Operation Manager Dive Expeditions

Gauti has immense passion and respect for the beautiful nature of Iceland. His passion for nature comes from sailing where he can harness the nature and hear no sound, except for the wailing of the wind and the sound of the sea. He also loves to hunt in the Icelandic mountains with its incredible clean air. Gauti has years of experience in sales and customer service, previously working in a travelling agencys and at the front desk at some of the best hotels in Reykjavík. This experience allows him to create truly enriching experiences for our clients.

Efemía Hrönn Björgvinsdóttir

Project Manager & Dreambroker

Efemia is born and raised in small town named Sauðárkrókur in North Iceland. She loves spending time far away from the noise of the city and has a passion of introducing Icelandic nature to travellers. She tried living in Reykjavik but could not stand the noise or being so far away from nature so she now lives just outside the city.  She is outgoing person that loves all kind of outdoor activities such as running, hiking and horseback riding. Efemia has a B.A. in Folklore and can spend hours talking about elves and hidden people in Iceland. Some even say that she is part elf…

Lidija Jovisic

Project Manager & Dreambroker

I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina where I grew up. I have always liked reading and learning new languages, so I decided to combine these two. After finishing  college , and becoming a teacher I moved to Croatia where I have spent 6 great years working in school and tourist agency during  summers and spending days having fun on the beach. I enjoy swimming, sunbathing, riding bike and watching movies. I have recently moved to Iceland and are ready to discover this beautiful country.

Sæunn Marín Harðardóttir

Marketing Specialist

Sæunn was born in Iceland but began traveling the world at a young age from England to China. Her love for arts and music started at 5 years old when she began her Violin studies and 3 years later she went to her first Suzuki summer workshop in Blandford Froum, England. At 9 she visited Greece and fell in love with Greek Myth- and archeology and has had a deep passion for history and historical places ever since. In 2014 Sæunn graduated with a Multimedia degree and then went on to study marketing. She is known for need for creative outlet, whether that is digital design, coloring or most importantly photography.  Sæunn is a dreamer and adventure seeker, but has her feet firmly on the ground and enjoys nothing more than spending time with her family.

Lead Guides

Jukka Siltanen

Lead Guide & Instructor

Jukka was born and raised in Finland, and moved to Iceland in 2015. He started diving in Thailand in 2006 and the lovely cold-water reefs of Western Ireland lured him to the dry side in 2007. Since then he’s worked in diving and other projects in Israel, Tanzania and Finland. If you go for a fun dive with Jukka, be prepared to take it slow, because he likes to take his camera with him and focus on the smallest details you can find in the water. Jukka is a PADI & SSI Master Instructor, and also studying for his second Master’s in Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Iceland - he will have an intense chat about environmental issues with you if provoked!

Stefano Di Veglia

Lead Guide & Instructor

From having been in an harness, climbing on stages all over the world, Stefano became tired of the simplicity of this role and desired a new challenge, Diving. Then after Diving in the warm Carribean waters, it to had become uninspiring as well! An old friend met on a tropical paradise, contacted him and told him of a freshwater Dive like no other ... SILFRA! It was time for something new, ICELAND!! This breathtaking dive site brought tears to the eyes of the Italian Silver Fox, and he knew he was home!!

Siobhan Diana White

Lead Guide & Technician

Siobhan has been diving since 1999 and became both a BSAC and PADI instructor in 2008/9 in the murky waters of the UK. She has a BSc in Hospitality and Tourism and before joining the DIVE.IS team in summer 2011 she ran a marine conservation project in the Bahamas. She has a passion for marine conservation and can often be found regaling people about the amazing variety of life that can be found in our oceans, as well as how we should be working to protect it!

Chris Muzzall

Lead Guide for Diving Day Tours

Chris, a keen marine conservationist, photographer and general all-round outdoor person, left the UK and the confines of his office in 2007. He became a PADI Instructor in March 2010 whilst living in South Africa before moving to the Bahamas in August 2010 to run a marine conservation project. Currently a Master Scuba Diver Trainer, in March 2012 he said goodbye to the sandy beaches and diving in board shorts and made the switch to enjoy all that drysuit diving has to offer... the crystal clear waters of Silfra. Being typically English abroad, when not leading dive or snorkel tours Chris is always on the hunt for a decent cup of tea... the search is ongoing!

Aron Bjarnason

Lead Guide & Instructor

Aron has gone from zero to hero with DIVE.IS over the last couple of years.
He was born in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1991 and is finishing his High School degree in the winter 2010. He will start a program on Tourism with the University of Iceland in 2011.
Apart from diving, Aron‘s interest is traveling. He has explored all corners of the Icelandic highlands since he started walking.
Aron is the youngest member of DIVE.IS and our divers and snorkelers love him for his calm and helpful attitude.

Tânia Roque

Lead Guide & Instructor

Tânia is Portuguese but relocated to Iceland about five years ago.  She fell in love with diving here in Iceland.  For the last three years, however, she has been going between Iceland and Thailand for a perfect mix of diving locations. In addition to all water sports, Tânia loves travel, reading, yoga, animals, and music.


Davíð Sigurþórsson

Lead Guide for Multiple Day Tours & Expeditions

David became a PADI Instructor in 1996 in Phuket, Thailand and has worked as an instructor and divemaster in various parts of the world ever since. Having certified over 300 students from over 30 countries, David is one of Iceland's most experienced diving instructors. He has been with DIVE.IS, The Blue Army and Ársæll Marine-rescue unit since 2000 and knows the SILFRA area and other sites like they were his own back-yard. David loves leading our multiple day tours all around Iceland and our clients love him for doing so!

Ásgeir Jónsson

Instructor & Guide

Ásgeir was born and raised in Iceland and after years in the cold he decided to travel the world. After discovering the magic of the underwater world in 2008, there was no looking back for him. For a couple of years he was living in Vietnam working as a PADI Instructor, but kept on traveling the world extensively - diving wherever possible. Ásgeir has been developing as a diver ever since and now holds numerous specialities. In 2011 he did the PADI IDC Staff instructor course with DIVE.IS and is nowhere near finished!

Fraser Cameron

Instructor & Guide

Fraser was born in Scotland but learnt to dive whilst living in the South of France in 1999. Fraser is a qualified Marine Ecologist (BSc St.Andrews University and Masters Glasgow University). Fraser's love for diving grew in Europe but he completed his PADI Instructor course in Jordan during 2012.  While training in Jordan Fraser was introduced to technical diving and is currently one of a select few rebreather divers, and the only self-reliant diver instructor in Iceland. After teaching diving in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean island of Gozo Fraser came to Iceland to complete his PhD doctorate studies in Cod reproductive behaviour. Having lived in Iceland since 2012 Fraser is an experienced recreational and technical diver with a passion for exploring unusual and remote dive sites on this wonderful Island.

Bart van den Bos

Instructor & Guide

Bart got hooked on the underwater world while snorkelling on the “Costa Brava” in Spain. Eventually doing his fist DSD on the Maltese Islands and getting his Open Water certification while he was living in the Caribbean. He has been traveling the world as a chef and later as a dive pro. Although born in the Netherlands he settled in New Zealand for a while before moving to Iceland. If you don’t find him diving you will find him somewhere in the outdoors. Still wondering who he is? Just look for the guy who usually wears his hair Viking style.

Clarence Voon

Instructor & Guide

Clarence was born on the third largest island in the world in Borneo (Malaysia) and has lived next to the sea for most of his life. He first started scuba diving in 2011 in Sipadan and has dived in Canada, Mexico, Honduras, Indonesia and now Iceland. He first came to this magical country in 2016 as a Divemaster intern and has since traded the warm sunny islands in the south for this cold, desolate island in the middle of the North Atlantic!

Stephen Mark Giles

Instructor & Guide

Steve was born in the south of England where he tried scuba diving for the first time and quickly became hooked on the challenges and rewards of diving the coastal waters there.  After a few years spending weekends and holidays diving wrecks in the English Channel, Scotland, Ireland and the D-Day beaches of Normandy,  Steve planned to take a year 'off' from work and bought a round-the-globe air ticket hitting all the best dive spots possible ...that was in 1997 !  Steve made it to the first stopping point ...a cave diving course in central Florida, USA.. and there discovered a new challenge and passion for diving the limestone aquifers there ... only leaving after 3 months when a fellow cave diver offered him his first scuba job, as a Divemaster on Saba in the Dutch Caribbean  And so the one year turned into 19 years !  working as a scuba instructor on a number of the smaller islands in the Caribbean ... Saba, Grand Turk, Bequia and Cayman Brac being his favorites. But 19 years is a long time in the sun for a Londoner who would much rather hike a mountain in the rain than bask on the beach ..and so Iceland became a slightly larger, slightly colder island to call home :) When he is not basking in the joy of being back diving freshwater in a drysuit, surrounded by the most breathtaking scenery possible, Steve enjoys running - hiking - and cooking .and plans to finally watch Game of Thrones from the beginning now that his he feels like he lives on the set !

Fee Zanke

Instructor & Guide

In 1989 Disney released the „Little Mermaid“ and biased the occupational choices of many young girls, including Fee. Born and raised in Dresden, a beautiful town in Mid-Germany, dive-able waters were short on hand, so she was as a child often found playing with a snorkel mask in knee deep mountain-streams and rivers. Her parents supported that fascination by introducing here every summer to the streams and lakes of Norway. That early nourished Nordic relationship was maybe the reason to decide, against the odds of a Masters degree in Tropical Marine Ecology, to come 2015 to Iceland and stay. With a Bachelor degree in organic Agriculture, Iceland's use of geothermal energy in green-housing has given her another watered up connection to this country. With a more comprehensive background in scientific diving, she has entered the recreational diving-world in summer 2016 by completing her Divemaster here in Iceland. Looking forward to continue the road of education in her diving skills, she will maybe get step by step closer to finally really growing a fishtail in the near future.

Richard George Leckie

Instructor & Guide

Richard is from Belfast and learnt to dive in Northern Ireland. He came to Iceland after catching the 'travel bug'.  Believing that being a diving instructor is the best way to finance his travels and enjoy life he has become a professional diver.  He has been part of research projects in the Seychelles and Thailand and has now established himself in the land of Fire and Ice.  He studied fine art and ceramics at the University of Ulster and is passionate about the environment and protecting if for future generations.

Stefanino Siviero

Instructor & Guide

Stefano, aka Stefanino (Italian for Little Stefano) was born in 1985 in a small town near Milan, Italy. He started diving when he was 15 and since then he has never stopped. His diving experience started in the Mediterrenean Sea and, at 29 years old, he decided to move to the Dominican Republic to become a professional dive instructor. Once he obtained his certification, he decided to keep going and became a professional IDC Staff Instructor. Stefano has always enjoyed diving in unusual places, so he felt Iceland could be the perfect place for him. Stefano travels the world with his girlfriend who always encourages him to try new things and to challenge himself. Stefano is a friendly guy that smiles a lot and is always ready to help his friends and co-workers. He has been in Iceland only for a few weeks now, but already loves the place and hopes to stay for a very long time.

Ants Stern

Instructor & Guide

Ants was born in imaginary country called Estonia. Soon after he learned how to to walk, he started thinking about scuba diving. He was thinking about it for a while and in 2012, he had his first dive. For few years Ants worked as a physical therapist with different Estonian national teams, but one day, he ended up travelling around the world with his backpack and discovered magical underwater world in more than ten countries - Estonia, Australia, Tahiti, Tonga, Niue, Vanuatu, Indonesia, Thailand, Italy et cetera - these are some countries he tried to have conversations with some local fishes and other sealife. One day he got stuck in Thailand for a year, where he worked as a instructor and started to freedive. Soon after, Ants decided to listen to his friend who invited him to work in Iceland and now he is here. Secretly listening Sigur Ros from his iPod and dreaming about getting to the water as many time as possible. If it happens that he is not under water or listening music, he is reading a book or eating some cheese.

Eleonora Bilei

Instructor & Guide

Eleonora was born in Italy, were she grew up. Since she was a kid Ele always dreamed to travel and discover the world. Ele discovered the amazing submarine world just few years ago. But ever since, the wonder of the water is always calling her. After she graduated as a teacher, she finally became a scuba instructor in the Dominican Republic, and after a couple of years spent traveling in the Caribbean sea, Eleonora began to realise that "diving is not just in warm water ", challenge accepted! She is here, in Iceland falling in love with the island and its nature. Ele has a big passion for the marine life and it´s conservation, as well for outdoor adventures. Being Italian, she has a big passion for cooking and good food.

Giancarlo Pinasco

Instructor & Guide

Giancarlo Pinasco is a Dive Instructor and Marine Biologist, born and raised in Perú. He started diving in 2008 as an elective course from its degree program. But it was after finishing his degree and working in several places around his diverse country, including guiding whale watching tours for several seasons, he realized being a Dive instructor was his real passion. After becoming a dive instructor in the Dominican Republic and working in warm tropical waters from Thailand to Maldives he decided to work with us in the Land of Ice and Fire, Iceland. Besides diving he loves free diving, martial arts and enjoying nature and wild life.

Marijo Jovišić

Guide & Handyman

I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina where I grew up. From early childhood I was a big fan of extreme sports, especially snowboarding. I organized snowboard races and eventially became a  snowboard instructor. For the last 12 years I have lived in Croatia with my wife Lidija. My first ever dive was in the Adriatic Sea, after which I realized that diving was something I wanted to do my whole life. I have an extensive experience in the construction industry ever since my teenage years, which is something that I inherited from my father and grandfather. We recently moved to Iceland and have opened a new page in our lifes, ready to discover this beautiful country.  I have finally found the place where I can combine the two things I enjoy doing, construction and diving. If I could describe in one sentence, it would be ''One big happy family''.


Tómas J. Knútsson

Papa Dive & Masterminder

Tómas founded the Sports Diving School of Iceland in 1997 and has owned and managed it until 2006 as Iceland's only PADI Dive Centre, setting the standard for recreational diving in Iceland. Tómas's passion has always been the environment and the fight for a better, cleaner future – both on land and under water. What began as a simple PADI Project Aware initiative became his main activity today: The Blue Army. The Dive Center has been his "soul" and he accompanies DIVE.IS as a consultant, Instructor, Story teller and much more...

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