Changing Room, Shelter Provider & All-weather Management

"Better warm and dry, then cold and wet"


The idea of my creation existed long before I was given birth to in the Summer of 2016. Just a wonderful decoration on the, average 1268, sunny hours around the area of Reykjavik, my full purpose certainly unravels itself on the other 8766 hours a year, when approximately 798 mm of rain come down on about 148 days a year and our Icelandic fresh air turns into a constant stirring breeze. Equipped with windproof see-through curtains at both entrances, side and backdoor, coathangers, comfortable changing bench-rows on both sides and an independent battery-fueled heater on the inside, I make all weather days in Iceland a GOOD-weather day before the tour.

Name:Changing Room
Title at DIVE.IS:Shelter Provider & All-weather Management
Nickname:The One'n'Only
Employed since:June 2015
Working area:Guides
Favorite dive site:Silfra
Favorite spot on this planet:Silfra ;)
Interests/Hobbies:Standing around at Silfra, heating up, keeping people dry, blocking wind


  • "When I got there the one thing I cannot be more grateful for was THE CHANGING ROOM. They are the only tour group with a changing room and it kept us out of the sideways sleet"

  • " Oh, and they have a changing room unlike the other companies, definitely a plus!"

  • "Our experience with was COMPLETELY different. They have a van converted into a changing room where you can stay warm until you have put on the super warm thermal under layer they provide"

  • "Aside from our guide the company was great as they provided all the gear we needed, had a changing room"

  • "I might also add that this is the only company who has a "changing room vehicle" for their guests, a big plus, especially for all the ladies onboard....oh yes!! "