Þorvaldur Björnsson, Technician & Project Manager

Þorvaldur Björnsson

Valdi is the rock in the stormy sea. He is a master electrician by trade and has worked self employed most of his life. He has vast experience in the building industry and has been in charge of large house building projects in Reykjavik for many years. Today he helps his sons in law running this company and is responsible for many of the practical aspects of the DIVE.IS equipment, cars, premises, etc. He is a BARE Service Technician and if something needs to be fixed… Valdi can do it and will do it... right away. It is invaluable to have a such down to earth, warm and experienced viking-original in the team.

Name:Þorvaldur Björnsson
Title at DIVE.IS:Technician & Project Manager
Employed since:December 2015
Languages:Icelandic, English
Working area:Management

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