Greinar og myndbönd

Frábærar hlutir hafa verið sagðir um snorkl og köfun á Íslandi

Most dive magazines have published articles about Iceland... many movies, too.

hey, check out our articles and movies!

Chinese article about diving in Silfra


A nice article about Diving and Snorkeling in Silfra made by a Chinese journalist crew a few years ago. The Chinese crew were amazed by the clarity of Silfra and the fact that you could even drink the water, as Silfra fissure is melted glacial water, filtered for 30-100 years.
View Chinese article on Silfra here

German TV report on Silfra from 2013 - DIVE.IS


In 2013 the German NDR TV dive team came again for a remake of Silfra. Some new interesting information about the changes at Silfra and a bit about the famous people that came to dive in Silfra. They also visited Kleifarvatn where you find underwater hotsprings and air bubbles.
View the report on YouTube

German TV report on Silfra from 2006


The German NDR TV dive team was first diving with us in Silfra in 2006. They made an 8 minute report on Silfra which has been shown over 20 times in many different German TV channels. Thomas Mauch and his team came again in 2009 and dived with DIVE.IS all over Iceland.
View the report on YouTube

Danish Article in the Scandinavian DYK magazine - 2012

Eline Feenstra


Joining an extensive Dive Expedition with David Sigurthorsson, Eline Feentra reports in the No. 4 July 2012 issue of the Scandinavian dive magazine DYK about her fascinating experience diving and exploring all around „Iceland- Land of ice and fire“. From our famous dive sites between the continents, Silfra and Nesgjá, over the hotwater chimneys of Strýtan, to the historic wreck El Grillo, they dont leave anything out that Icelands diving has to offer for enthusiasts.
Read Danish article in DYK here

A Russian Article About Diving In Iceland

In Vertum Scuba Diving Magazine


A fun article about Diving in the North of Iceland, made by a Russian Journalist for InVertum Magazine.
Read Russian Article in Invertum Here

Article by charles hood for the british dive magazine

Charles Hood


Charles Hood and Peter Rowlands came to dive Silfra and Garður with DIVE.IS in 2005. They were the pioneers concerning writing decent articles and taking world class photos of Silfra. Charles article on diving in Iceland was reprinted in the PADI Undersea Journal. View the article online on

The Undersea Journal on Silfra - 2007

Charles Hood


A great article by Charles Hood on Silfra, a dive between two continents published in The Undersea Journal where he states that Silfra is by far the clearest water he has ever dived and ranks Silfra Crack as one of the world’s top 10 dive sites.
Read Article about Silfra Here

An article in the german magazine Unterwasser 2014



According to the August 2014 German Unterwasser issue, Silfra ranks on No. 9 of the top 50 dive sites around the world warm and cold! In line right after Dominican Republics diving with the humpback whales and the Great Blue Hole in Belize, among others, they invite you in this informative spree to „a kick under the midnight sun“ in the Silfra fissure in Iceland. Read about Silfra and the famous hotwater chimneys of Strýtan ranking top 2 and 3 from all the hot and cold water dive sites compared in the world...
Read German Article in Unterwasser here

A Norwegian article published in dykking magazine on Silfra

Jesper Kjøller


Jesper Kjøller spent 3 days with us diving in Silfra and just could not get over the clearity of Silfras waters. Therefore he devoted a whole article to his impression of the „Clear as glass! Silfra“-fissure for the Norwegian magazine Dykking in its No. 1 issue in 2013. With detailed descriptions of the closest-to-feeling-religious athmosphere of Silfra Cathedral, to the astonishing blue colour spectrum of Silfra Lagoon and interesting background information about the National Park Thingvellir, he impressingly will convince you, that you have to come „feel the water“ in order to believe that there is any surrounding you diving here...
Read Norwegian Article in Dykking here

North American Dive News

Michael Salvarezza & Christopher P. Weaver


Michael Salvarezza & Christopher P. Weaver write about the adventures of Diving in north of Iceland for the North America Dive News as they visited the shallowest hydrothermal vent in the world, Strýtan and Nesgjá, a fissure formed through tectonic activity with water of unique clarity like Silfra.
Read about diving in the north of Iceland here

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