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The 10-Day dive tour offers a thorough exploration of Iceland’s fantastic terrain both above and below water.  The tour will begin and end in Reykjavík, after driving the “ring road” around the entire island and stopping at  many exquisite sites along the way.  Although Iceland is a relatively small island, the landscape varies greatly along its coastline.  On this tour you will pretty much get to see it all.

We will start the tour by going to the most popular dive and snorkel site in Iceland, Silfra. The dive site is located in the National Park Þingvellir, about a 45 minute drive from Reykjavík. The Park has been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO, both for its cultural and historical significance as well as natural and geological uniqueness. On our way the guide will point out interesting facts about the history and geology of the park.

When we arrive at the dive site we will gear up and walk to the platform, where your guide will give you a briefing on the dive. We’ll take a few steps down the ladder and make contact with the world’s clearest water to dive in. It’s so pure you can even drink it – Take a sip! The slight current formed by the underground wells will make our dive in the crack an easy one. We plan the dive so that we see Silfra Hall, Silfra Cathedral and the Silfra Lagoon.

After the dive we’ll make our way out west to Snæfellsnes, stopping along the way – maybe for a hot bath at a natural hot pool in the middle of nowhere, or perhaps to drink from a natural fizzy water spring. We’ll play that one by ear. We will then arrive at a cosy hotel in Stykkishólmur where we will enjoy some local delicacies for dinner.

We will start day two with an exciting dive at Birgisklettur, one of over 2000 islets and skerries in the Breiðafjörður bay archipelago. On this dive we´ll dive around this little island with an amazing variety of scenery and marine life. We´ll dive on a colourful wall, in a cavern, among big rocks, over some smashed-up sea urchin sand and encounter an array of different fishes, crustaceans, sea stars and other intriguing invertebrates.

After the dive we will head back to shore – maybe enjoying a bit of a boat ride around the archipelago renowned for its rich bird life (puffin, arctic tern, eider duck, and the white-tailed eagle, to name a few) along with freequent sightings of whales and dolphins. After a delicious lunch in the village we´ll enjoy a scenic drive along the northern shore of the Snæfellsnes peninsula and head up north towards Skagafjörður.

Day three will take us to Drangey, a 180m tall monolith bird cliff island in Skagafjörður bay. It is the home of hundreds of thousands of sea birds, most prominently the cute (and tasty) puffin, and the (also cute and tasty) guillemot. The latter of course share our keen interest in diving and we´ll hopefully enjoy encounters with this feathered fellow dive-enthusiast! Apart from that, the still largely unexplored under water landscape of Drangey surely offers some exciting marine life and scenery.

On our way there and back we will of course be on the look-out for seals and whales, which frequent the area (keeping our snorkelling equipment handy, should an opportunity present itself)!

After the dive at Drangey we may enjoy the opportunity to relax in the legendary natural hot pool of ´Grettir the Strong,´ Iceland´s most famous outlaw. While he famously once swam to Drangey, where he hid out from the law, with a flaming torch, it is not known whether he was the first ever to dive around the island. That is, however, highly unlikely.

After an exciting day of in-and-under water activities, we will head on towards Eyjafjörður, stopping for snacks along the way. We will arrive at the cosy hotel of Skjaldarvík where the fabulous cook Dísa awaits us with her local delicacies.

We spend two days exploring the spectacular dive sites located in Eyjafjörður. Here you will have the opportunity to dive both “big Strýtan” and “little Strýtan,” which are the only underwater geothermal chimneys on the planet that can be reached by recreational divers.  The warm water seeping out of these chimneys attracts a dazzling array of marine life, and an interesting variety of marine organisms is found in other dive sites in Eyjafjörður as well. In northern Iceland we will also explore the underwater worlds at Nesgjá and Litlaá.  Nesgjá is often referred to as the “Silfra of the North,” as it is also a fissure filled with crystal clear water providing outstanding underwater visibility and striking scenery.  Litlaá is a 17°C geothermal river, which we will snorkel.

On our drive from the north coast to the east, we will visit the surreal Lake Mývatn area and stop at Dettifoss, Iceland’s most impressive waterfall according to most accounts.  Our dive site on the east coast is in the fjord called Seyðisfjörður, which is also the name of the fishing village where we will spend the night.  In Seyðisfjörður we will dive down to the British oil tanker that was sunk by German bombers on February 10th, 1944 — one of the few instances in which World War II came directly to the shores of Iceland.  From Seyðisfjörður we will then head south to Vík. This day will be devoted to visiting the most impressive sites along the southeast and south coast. On this part of the journey you will see countless waterfalls, black sands that extend for many miles, strange lava rock formations jutting out of the sea, glaciers both at your feet and far in the distance, and huge icebergs slowly making their way to the ocean at the unique Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon.

Before completing the circle and arriving back in Reykjavík, we will do one more dive in Silfra and explore the famous “Golden Circle.”  Nature’s own watery fireworks at Geysir will provide a grand finale to your tour of Iceland.

Tour Details


May – September

Dates for 2017

24.07.-02.08.2017 – Available

21.08.-30.08.2017 – Available

14.09.-.23.09.2017 – Available



Participants must:

  • have advanced SCUBA dive certification (PADI Advanced Open Water or the equivalent)
  • have dry suit experience within two years of tour date (minimum of 10 logged dry suit dives total)

10 days

Min / Max:

min. 6 divers / max. 8 divers


Please bring:
  • Dive equipment (All dive equipment can also be rented from us)
  • Your dive certification card and if possible your divers log book. We require proof of dry suit experience (minimum of 10 dives) to participate in this tour
  • Please read the FAQs further down on this webpage concerning questions about equipment, clothes and other essentials.
  • Up to 12 dives and 1 snorkel in 8 different locations
  • All transport on land and water during your tour
  • Accommodation for 9 nights in both hotels w/private facilities and guesthouses w/shared facilities
  • Breakfast and dinners
  • Dive tanks and weights
  • Expert guide for all 10 days
  • lunch, drinks and all other activity
From 689.000 ISK

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Frequently asked Questions

What size / type of SCUBA tanks do you use?
We use steel tanks due to better buoyancy properties. We use both 12 liter and 15 liter bottles. We can also offer both single and double valves. Please let us know in advance which tank configuration you require for the equipment you bring, so we can have it ready for you.
What type of valve/fittings do you have on your SCUBA tanks?
All our tanks have DIN fittings. If you bring a regulator with a Yoke fitting, also known as INT, we can bring an adapter to screw into our DIN valve. Please let us know in advance.