Our passion: Travel all over Iceland... and DIVE

“Iceland is frontier diving” as David our lead guide for longer tours puts it.

On our multiple day tours all over & under Iceland you will not only dive some of the most unique and amazing dive sites on this planet but also travel though Iceland’s spectacular nature and learn a lot about this special island of the North Atlantic.

5-Day Highlights Dive Tour

Dive the big Five

This dive tour focuses on the top 5 dive sites as well as some of the most beautiful on-land sights in Iceland.
We will be diving the best of the best dive sites Iceland has to offer: Silfra, Strýtan, Nésgjá & Litlaá.
On land we will explore Iceland ́s famous spouting geysers, the amazing waterfalls Gullfoss and Goðafoss and the fascinating volcanic area around lake Mývatn with its craters, lava fields, hot springs, bubbling mud pools and out-of-this-world landscapes.

Details about the 5-Day Highlights Dive Tour

10-day Greenland & Iceland Highlights Dive Tour

An Expedition like no other

DIVE.IS and Northern Explorers are proud to present to you a unique expedition, which combines the highlights of Iceland and Greenland – two of the most fascinating areas for cold water diving in the world. From diving the under water hot springs in Iceland to diving amidst colossal icebergs in Greenland. But this dive expedition offers more than “just” diving. You will experience the extreme beauty and fury of the volcanic Iceland and the icy, arctic Greenland top-side. For most divers both islands are as of yet undiscovered and promise a real sense of dive exploration and adventure like no other!

Details about the 10-Day Greenland & Iceland Highlights Dive Tour