Kleifarvatn is a large lake located just outside of Reykjavík.  However, when you’re at the lake, the location feels utterly remote; it’s hard to believe that there is a populated city just 30 minutes away.  To get to the lake you first drive through an impressive and mysterious volcanic landscape, full of high and amazingly coloured hills and weird lava formations.  This is the territory of trolls and elves.

Lake Kleifarvatn is nestled within this stunning scenery.  However, what makes this lake even more special are the underwater hot springs about 10 meters from the shore on one side of the lake, which have only recently been discovered.  In the center of the hot springs is a large crater that emits large quantities of warm water and gases.  As the air bubbles are pushed through the crater on the lake floor, pressure causes the surrounding rocks to vibrate slightly.  Snorkelers can usually feel these vibrations themselves, which is a special experience!

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Diving in the devil´s jacuzzi

Diver in the big crack of Silfra © Wolfgang Pölzer

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