A smiling office angel answers the phone sitting at computer behind front desk in DIVE.IS shop in front of Silfra poster

Hinter den Kulissen

Wanna hear a good story?

Take a peek behind the DIVE.IS scenes

How may nationalities work for DIVE.IS?
Tom Cruise & Tobias Klose giving thumbs up after scuba diving in Silfra Iceland


And their DIVE.IS stories

Water temperature in Silfra?

Polaroid Eindruecke

A collection of photos around our tour operations

If you want your tour to be great...
...don´t be late :)

Eine Visuelle Reise Der Mitternachtssonne

Our behind the scenes journey with DIVE.IS

When do you get into Silfra to warm up?
on a cold winter day
360 degree Silfra dive video

360 Silfra Tauchen

Move in all directions on your virtual Silfra Dive


and their DIVE.IS stories

Over the years we had a number of celebrities with us on tour.
Here are some of their stories.

Polaroid Impressions

A collection of photos around our tour operations

We once made a Polaroid picture pack as a christmas present for our friends and partners.
Here are those Polaroids of many wonderful moments in the DIVE.IS history.

A visual journey of the Midnight Sun

Our behind the scenes journey with DIVE.IS

The travel photographer Carson Kvak came with us on our Snorkeling Silfra Midnight Sun Tour and tell the story in his own photos and words.

360° Silfra Dive

Move in all directions on the virtual Silfra Dive

A dive through the famous Silfra fissure in Iceland in 360° plus some awesome drone 360 footage of the area. Click in with your mouse and move in all directions.

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