close-up of streaming spread out waterfall in two main steps bedded in dark icelandic rock covered in mustard yellow lychen

Our Philosophy

Getting a bit better every day

DIVE.IS - Mission Statement

Our aim is to fulfil the highest standards with regard to dive education, dive safety, equipment, environmentally friendly actions and enlightment for the best possible prices, leading to customer and employee satisfaction beyond their expectations.

DIVE.IS - Vision

Our vision is to remain the leading dive center in Iceland and strive to improve in everything we do every single day. We want to keep on setting the standards for recreational diving and snorkeling in Iceland as we have done since 1997.
Our intention is to remain an intimate business with the maximum of personal and professional service and commitment to our customers and employees.

DIVE.IS - Environmental Responsibility

We believe know that we can make a difference. As divers we have the privilege to admire the wonders of nature close up on a day to day basis. Looking at how all organisms on this planet work and live together in a symbiosis assures us of being part of something big, something perfect & divine. We know we have to do our part in protecting earth as an organism and all its living things … and we do it gladly and we are proud of it:

  • We try to minimise our carbon footprint by using vehicles with a low rate of consumption
  • We have modified some of our vehicles to methane
  • We try to refrain from printing paper as much as possible
  • We recycle our waste
  • We give preference to environmentally safe products and local services
  • We are a member and supporter Project Aware, an environmental organisation specialising on the protection of our oceans
  • We organise and conduct clean-ups at different dive sites around Iceland
  • We educate our staff about sustainability
  • We educate our students and clients about the importance of protecting nature and how to do it on their stay in Iceland

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