Team DIVE.IS ready for kayaking

Trip into the unknown


Twice a year we close our tours for a day and go on our staff Trip Into The Unknown where we spend the day enjoying each other’s company and going on some amazing adventures together. Only 3 staff members knew where we were headed last Tuesday evening when we hopped into our cars and drove out of Reykjavík. We ended up in Eyrarbakki, a small village on the south coast, where we had dinner and afterwards we went over to Bakki Hostel for a “little” party and stayed the night. Early the next morning after some homemade breakfast it was time for the activities. First up: KAYAKING! We suited up and rowed and rowed … and rowed for 3 hours!! Some of us were lucky enough to spot some seals on the way, some got stranded, and some took a nice fresh dip into the water. After a nice lunch in Selfoss we drove on to Reykjavík for our last activity: ATVing! We drove all the way up Hafrafell mountain where we enjoyed the breathtaking view over Reykjavík. We had a good laugh at two of our managers who probably set a record for slowest speed driven on ATV tour. At the end of this 24 hour excursion, we felt even more than before that we have a truly incredible team. We’re so lucky to get to spend our days working together and creating such a fun and supportive environment!