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DIVE.IS organises a dive against debris clean up day


In just under two weeks, DIVE.IS will be hosting Icelands first official Dive Against Debris as part of our fight to clean up the underwater environments. The Project AWARE Foundation launched Dive Against Debris as a diver led global underwater survey of rubbish, designed to increase debris removal efforts and prevent harm to marine life, but also as a way to track debris quantities at specific sites. We have decided to work at a site that is very close to our heart: Silfra. With the support of Þingvellir National Park,our friend Tomás Knutson and his Blue Army and local divers, we will be working to remove all debris in the fissure, but with a specific aim to remove all lead shot and other toxic metals, such as coins, that have found their way into the water. Lead shot, which sadly has come from divers‘ shot pouches, is very harmful to the environment. It‘s size means that it can easily be ingested by both waterfowl and fish alike, which then has devastating effects on these creatures. A second, potentailly bigger concern is however that lead, even in microscopic quantities has been found to be highly toxic, causing reproductive impairment and organ and tissue damage. Along with other metals such as zinc and copper, which are found in coins, it can also poison the water, which in turn will affect all life in that ecosystem. Please come and join us on the 8th December to join in this fiddly but important mission and help keep Silfra healthy and bautiful.