The gold treasure box bay

A stunning site above & under water

Gullkistuvik is teaming with marine life

Gullkistuvik is a 20 minute boat ride from the DIVE.IS headquarters in Reykjavik. Directly translated Gullkistuvik means "gold treasure box bay".
It is a stunningly beautiful bay below the golf course of Kjalanes. In earlier days it was possible to a shore dive from here but the land owner has closed for cars to pass through his land.
The Gullkistuvik bay is surrounded by a nice beach and large rocks which gives us good shelter for freediving tours and for a relaxed descend on our scuba diving tours. The bay itself is rather shallow (down to 5-7 meters) but when diving to the mouth of the bay and a little further out you can reach a depth of 15-17 meters. Depending on the weather and tides the current outside the bay can occasionally be on the stronger side. In that case stay inside the bay or if you trust yourself to manage the current, start your dive against it.
On our tours your guide will give you detailed information about the dive profile and what to have in mind.
Under the surface is a kelp forest waiting for you. In between the rocks and boulders many different marine life forms have claimed their habitat.
On our freediving and scuba diving tours we see different types of flat fish, scorpionfish, sea urchins, sea slugs, sea cucumbers, nudibranchs, the occasional wolf fish and more.

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