Askja lake

Dive into an active volcano

The Askja caldera

located in Vatnajökull National Park

First Dive Expedition to Askja

In 2011 the DIVE.IS team decided it is time to dive another dive site that no one had dived before. Some of us had visited Askja on land and had wondered what the diving in Iceland´s second largest lake must be like. The visibility looked good. The hike to Askja lake from the parking lot was loooong. Nothing prepared us for this experience.

Getting there

We had a mission, so on this first expedition we drove a 10 hour drive straight from Reykjavik to Askja.
On a tour today we would ideally combine this trip with a number of stops on the way to and back from Askja such as to Strýtan, Nésgjá, Litla á, Tear of Odin and Davidsgjá.
hike - most extreme physical challenge to hike with all dive gear

Diving in Askja lake

floating rocks
amazingly colourful agae
big rocks
220m deep - second deepest in Iceland

Víti crater

bathing possible
how it came to existence
water temperature

Early Expeditions

story of missing German scientists

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