From crystal clear to geothermally super heated

Iceland has some of the most amazing and unique dive & snorkel sites in this corner of the galaxy.

Gullfoss & Geysir

Iceland´s "must-see" nature sights

Gullfoss and Geysir are two of the main sites on the popular “Golden Circle” route. Gullfoss being Icleand´s most photographed waterfall is a sight no Iceland visitor should miss. The famous geysers with its spouting hot spring Strokkur is an awesome sight that will blow your mind.

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The North Atlantic is full of Life

With its undersea gardens, forests, and deserts, Garður is our favourite ocean dive site in the Reykjavík area.

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The hidden gem

Like Silfra, Davíðsgjá is a lava fissure in Lake Þingvellir.  Davíðsgjá is very different from Silfra, though.  One of our guides describes it as a "darker, spookier" version of Silfra.  Not all will agree that it Davíðsgjá is spooky, but it certainly provides for a mysterious and beautiful dive.

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El Grillo

An excellent wreck dive!

In World War II, german fighter planes sunk the British oil tanker “El Grillo” in the fjord on February 10th, 1944. The wreck is about 150 meters long and weighs over 7000 tons. The ship lies at a depth of about 45 meters and the shallowest point is reached after descending about 28 meters.

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The Silfra of the North

Nesgjá is another lovely fresh water fissure with the crystal clear water that is so unique to Iceland. Nesgjá is quite shallow but amazingly beautiful. The lagoon is huge and as one of our instructors says: “The visibility depends solely on the quality of your dive mask.” You can see further than 100 meters. Sometimes we get to see arctic charr, a certain type of salmonide in the fissure.

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Westman Islands

An out of this world scenery

The Westman Islands (Vestmannaeyjar) are an archipelago just off the south coast of mainland Iceland.  Out of the fifteen islands, only one has a human population living there year-round. Diving around the Westman Islands is amazing... beautiful arches, fantastic wall dives with an abundance of marine life.

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