Diver in Nesgjá Iceland


Islands wichtigste Tauch- und Schnorchelplätze

Von kristallklar bis geothermisch überhitzt, Island hat einige der erstaunlichsten und einzigartigsten Tauch- und Schnorchelplätze in dieser Ecke der Galaxis.



Zwischen zwei Kontinenten schweben

Der Silfra Rift ist einer der größten Tauchplätze auf diesem Planeten. Sie tauchen im klarsten Wasser der Welt (Sichtweite über 100 m) in einem Spalt zwischen dem amerikanischen und dem ...



The geothermal chimney

Strýtan is the only place known to man where recreational divers can reach geothermal chimneys. We visit this exceptional dive site in the north of Iceland on most of o...


Gullfoss & Geysir

Iceland's "must-see" nature sights

Gullfoss and Geysir are two of the main sites on the popular “Golden Circle” route. Gullfoss being Icleand´s most photographed waterfall is a sight no Iceland visitor should miss. The f...



Underwater & Underground

At Lake Kleifarvatn we dive directly into bubbling underwater hot springs. The landscape around the lake is similarly breathtaking, and it's hard to believe this remote-looking dive site is only ...



The North Atlantic is full of life

With its undersea gardens, forests, and deserts, Garður is our favourite ocean dive site in the Reykjavík area. Get detailed Information on Garður



The fresh and salty fissure

Bjarnagjá is a lava fissure on the Reykjanes peninsula. The freshwater of the Bjarnagjá is mixed in with the sea water entering from the end of the fissure. We often di...



The hidden gem

Like Silfra, Davíðsgjá is a lava fissure in Lake Þingvellir. Davíðsgjá is very different from Silfra, though. One of our guides describes it as a "darker, spookier" v...



The Silfra of the north

Nesgjá is another lovely fresh water fissure with the crystal clear water that is so unique to Iceland. Nesgjá is quite shallow but amazingly beautiful. The lagoon is huge and as...



A Dazzling geothermal river

"Little River" is located near the northern coast but is always a warm temperature. As it is a shallow river, we snorkel instead of dive.



Europe's last wilderness

The Westfjords beautiful beaches and steep fjord cliffs lead into Iceland’s clearest ocean water. The ocean here has a great variety of dive sites. There are many wrecks and ol...


El Grillo

An excellent wreck dive!

In World War II, german fighter planes sunk the British oil tanker “El Grillo” in the fjord on February 10th, 1944. The wreck is about 150 meters long and weighs over 7000 tons. The ...

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