Information about border restrictions in Iceland due to Covid-19


This news item will be updated when there is new information

The Icelandic authorities have implemented a new regulation stating that travelers from all countries will have to get tested at the airport and then get tested again after 4-6 days.

In the mean time all travelers will be required to stay in full quarantine until the test results of the second test are received.

This regulation has been implemented with no end date at the moment so it's hard to say for how long this will be in place.

For more information regarding these regulations please visit the Icelandic Covid-19 website.

As long as there are no restrictions stopping our tours from operating, we intend to stay as operational as possible during this time.

If you make a booking ahead of time, our cancellation policy goes into affect. It remains unchanged at this time and it is not negotiable - the 10% charge for all cancellation is to cover charges and fees that we incur on all monetary transactions.

We can however instead offer to move your booking, free of charge, to another date, or we can offer the full value as a gift voucher, which is valid for at least 2 years and can therefore be used to re-book your tour when you are able to travel again.