Owner of DIVE.IS Tobias Klose, shaking hands with the president of Iceland Guðni Th. Jóhannesson

12.01.2017 – DIVE.IS signs the statement of responsible tourism


We are proud to announce that our Managing Director and Owner, Tobias Klose, signed the statement of Responsible Tourism on behalf of DIVE.IS on January 10th 2017 at the University of Reykjavík. There he was joined with over 250 representatives of other companies and the President of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, who is the patron of this project.

Responsible Tourism is an incentive project for companies connected to tourism. The participating companies in this project have agreed upon a couple clear and simple actions that will contribute to responsible and sustainable tourism.

The emphases of the Responsible Tourism project are to:

  1. Treat nature with utmost respect.

  2. Ensure the safety of our guests and treat them with politeness.

  3. Respect the rights of workers.

  4. Have a positive impact on the local community.

By signing the statement, DIVE.IS promises to contribute to and engage with these values in every way possible to protect and support the natural environment as well as the local community in Iceland.

Organisations supporting the project are Festa - The Center of Corporate Social Responsibility and Iceland Tourism in cooperation with Icelandic Tourist Board, SAF, Íslandsstofa, Stjórnstöð Ferðamála, Regional Marketing Offices of Iceland, City of Reykjavik and Safe Travel.