Current Covid-19 border controls in Iceland

13.04.2021 The Dive team

Now into the second year of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Iceland is still thankfully doing fairly well, but maintains its border controls. This news item has current information about the border controls and traveling to Iceland and will be updated as rules change. We also urge you to check for the latest regulations and updates on the official Covid-19 pandemic site in Iceland.

Iceland has now opened its borders to ALL nationalities as long as they have proof of either:

  1. Vaccinations.
  2. Past Covid-19 infection.

These travelers will be tested at their arrival in Iceland and will have to wait for a negative test result to be able to travel freely. The wait for the test results takes no more than 24 hours (and usually a lot less).

Certifications approved by the European Medicines Agency are accepted at the border. Accepted vaccines at the moment are Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen.

Travel restrictions do still apply to non EFTA nations who are not yet vaccinated or have a past infection.
All other travelers (including children) need to submit a negative PCR-test for COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) before boarding an aircraft or ship to Iceland. Rapid antigen tests are not valid. On arrival, travelers:

  1. Are tested again
  2. Quarantine for five days
  3. Are tested a second time after the 5 days.

People coming from high-risk areas are required to stay at a quarantine facility (a hotel in Reykjavik) without charge. A list of high-risk areas can be found here. Those staying at a quarantine facility are allowed to go outside and special consideration is given to children.

Other Covid-19 information
All travelers must pre-register the date of their departure, before they arrive in the country.

The current rules are valid until 1 June when a new colour coding system will be implemented. Then travelers arriving from EU/EEA countries which are classified as green or yellow on the European COVID-19 infection map will be able to enter Iceland's borders without going through five days of quarantine though still requiring a negative PCR test to travel and additional testing at the Icelandic border). Current restrictions will remain unchanged for all other countries.

Please be aware that 'quarantine' and 'waiting for test results' are both times during which you cannot join any of our tours - you must have received your test results first.

DIVE.IS Covid-19 safety precautions
We are a certified partner of the Clean and Safe Iceland project. This simply means that DIVE.IS is following all offical health guidelines due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our safety measures at Silfra:

  • Only 6 passengers with a guide
  • Plenty of space at Silfra to uphold the 2 meter rule
  • Mandatory mask use on our transfer bus and within 2m at Silfra (if needed)
  • Customers bring their own COVID19 face mask
  • Hand sanitizer and disposable gloves are provided in our bus and at Silfra
  • All equipment and vehicles are thoroughly sanitized after every tour

We are excited to start showing people Silfra in the near future. Until then, stay safe.