Graciete das Dores, Accountant

„I can imagine no more comfortable frame of mind for the conduct of life than a humorous resignation“ ~ W. Somerset Maugham


I consider myself the proverbial citizen of the world with a keen interest in people from all walks of life, hence choosing to study human resource management came not haphazardly. What was supposed to be a simple sabbatical time out, turned into a stint as a stewardess on private yachts. It offered an opportunity for extensive travelling for a few years. It‘s here that I also had my first diving experiences. Further unexpected circumstances brought me eventually to Iceland, which has been my home for well into a decade now. An open-minded nature and the willingness to learn something different when an opportunity presents itself led me into finance. After a career in banking and working as a bookkeeper in the healtcare sector I joined DIVE.IS I‘m very grateful to be part of a company with such great values.

Name:Graciete das Dores
Title at DIVE.IS:Accountant
Employed since:1.10.2019
Languages:Dutch, English, Portuguese Creole, Icelandic, German
Working area:Office
Favorite spot on this planet:Born and raised in the Netherlands with origins in Cape Verde, which is another (volcanic island) country in the Atlantic Ocean. A former colony of Portugal, it is likely the reason why Lisbon is one of my favourite places in the world.
Interests/Hobbies:Karate, skiing, photography and a huge fan of stand-up comedy