Multiple Day Dive Tours

Experience the best of Iceland - above & below

silfra lagoon split view divers sunny day iceland

3-Day Reykjavík Dive Tour

Your introduction into arctic diving

Diver diving in an Iceberg in Greenland

Fire & Ice

Iceland Highlights & Greenland Expedition

Diver observes the amazing hydrothermal chimneys

3-Day Strýtan Dive Tour

Dive some of the world's most unique dive sites

Nudibranchs in Garður, Iceland

Highlights Of Iceland Diving

Dive the big five

Large school of cod passing by

Oh, My Cod - A Cod Spawning Expedition

Witness the unique natural event

How may nationalities work for DIVE.IS?
A volcanic gorge in Iceland's interior

Forces Of Nature - Highlands Dive Expedition

Through the moon and back

Cruising in the Westfjords


No extra charge for awesomeness

Two divers in Davíðsgjá

The 2-Day Reykjavík Winter Diving Tour

Divers perfect getaway

Diver in Nesgjá and an algae carpet

The Ultimate Iceland Dive Tour

Dive and drive Iceland's ring road

Cat fish in his hole, Iceland

Westfjords Dive Expedition

Dive the sublime

The majestic cliffs of the Westman Islands, Iceland

Westman Islands Dive Expedition

Discover the Westman Islands with us!

Our passion: travel all over Iceland... and dive

“Iceland is frontier diving” as David our lead guide for longer tours puts it.
On our multiple day tours all over & under Iceland you will not only dive some of the most unique and amazing dive sites on this planet but also travel though Iceland’s spectacular nature and learn a lot about this special island of the North Atlantic.

3-Day Reykjavík Dive Tour

Silfra, ocean & hot spring diving

The 3-day Reykjavík dive tour combines our 3 most popular Reykjavík-based dive day tours.
It is a combination of the Ocean Diver Tour, the Geothermal Hot Springs Dive Tour, and the Diving Silfra Day Tour.
In addition to exploring the unique underwater worlds of each dive site, we will also visit Thingvellir National Park and the geothermal activity in the area of Krýsuvík on the Reykjanes peninsula.
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10-Day Greenland & Iceland Highlights Dive Tour

An expedition like no other

DIVE.IS and Northern Explorers are proud to present to you a unique expedition, which combines the highlights of Iceland and Greenland – two of the most fascinating areas for cold water diving in the world. From diving the under water hot springs in Iceland to diving amidst colossal icebergs in Greenland. But this dive expedition offers more than “just” diving. You will experience the extreme beauty and fury of the volcanic Iceland and the icy, arctic Greenland top-side. For most divers both islands are as of yet undiscovered and promise a real sense of dive exploration and adventure like no other!
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3-Day Strýtan Dive Tour

Dive some of the world's most unique dive sites

The 3-Day Strýtan Tour Includes: The unique Strýtan hydrothermal chimneys and home to the ever charming wolf fish in the north The lovely Nesgjá, Silfra´s counterpart in the northeast A snorkel with trout in a geothermally heated river! And last, but not least, the one and only Silfra lava fissure, the 'dive between the continents'
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5-Day Highlights Dive Tour

Dive the big five

This dive tour focuses on the top 5 dive sites as well as some of the most beautiful on-land sights in Iceland.
We will be diving the best of the best dive sites Iceland has to offer: Silfra, Strýtan, Nésgjá & Litlaá.
On land we will explore Iceland ́s famous spouting geysers, the amazing waterfalls Gullfoss and Goðafoss and the fascinating volcanic area around lake Mývatn with its craters, lava fields, hot springs, bubbling mud pools and out-of-this-world landscapes.
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Cod Spawning Expedition

The highlights of Iceland and the spectacle of life

This dive expedition combines our Highlights of Iceland with two days of observing large schools of cod in their spawning activities. The cycle of life will certainly put on a spectacular display for you!
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Highlands Dive Expedition

Diving through the moon and back

This unique expedition takes you to a series of little or completely unexplored dive sites of incredible variety, ranging from bird cliffs to lava fissures and volcanic craters. Besides the unusual – and unusually beautiful – dives, you will twice traverse the interior of Iceland, a landscape like no other on Earth!
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Hornvík Live-Aboard Dive Expedition

Europe's last wilderness

In a remote corner of Europe, a bit of wilderness still exists. There are no roads to Hornvík, so we will sail on our yacht to this special place and spend six days exploring.
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10-Day Dive Tour Around Iceland

Dive and drive Iceland's ring road

The 10-Day dive tour offers a thorough exploration of Iceland’s fantastic terrain both above and below water. This dive tour will begin and end in Reykjavík, after driving the “ring road” around the entire island and stopping at all the exquisite sites along the way. On the 10-Day Dive Tour Around Iceland you will get to see it all.
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Westfjords Dive Expedition

Dive into the sublime

The Westfjords are the most remote and sparsely populated coastal area in Iceland.
They are characterised by dramatic, long and deep fjords and towering angular cliffs rising sharply from the deep blue seas.
Beneath the waves waits much to be discovered: pink walls, whale graveyards with heaps of whale bones, ancient wrecks of a whaling boats, and much more.
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Westman Islands Dive Expedition

Discover the Westman Islands with us!

The Westman Islands are a beautiful group of islands located just off the southern coast of mainland Iceland. On this Expedition we will spend most of our time exploring new dive sites that no one has ever dived before. We will also dedicate two of our dives to the two most stunning dive sites that we already know around the Westman Islands.
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