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PADI 5- звездный дайв-центр

Наша компания была основана в 1997 году с целью обучения спортивному дайвингу населения Рейкьявика. Вскоре мы начали принимать местных дайверов и дайверов с разных точек планеты в Силфре - в одном из наших любимых дайв-сайтов неподалеку от Рейкьявика. Мы любили делиться этим невероятным сайтом с нашими старыми и новыми друзьями. Благодаря распространению через средства массовой информации и ''из уст в уста'', Силфра стала всемирно известным местом для дайвинга. Мы гордимся тем, что внедрили стандарты для дайвинга и снорклинга в Силфре в Исландии. Наша команда DIVE.IS мотивирована и объединена искренней любовью и уважением к исландской природе, подводному миру и друг другу. Это доставляет нам большую радость, иметь возможность делиться нашим опытом с нашими друзьями и гостями.

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DIVE.IS занимает 1 место среди 275 видов активного отдыха в Исландии и 1 место среди 55 видов водного спорта в Исландии. DIVE.IS – это семейная компания с единой командой, объединенная страстью к дайвингу и подводному плаванию и любовью к исландской природе. Мы всегда максимально заботимся о каждом нашем клиентe и лучшим тому подтверждением являются положительные отзывы от них.

Cathedral Hall in Silfra


Силфра известна не без причины: вода, отфильтрованная базальтовым камнем, является самой чистой водой на Земле и проникает в расщелину между двумя континентальными плитами. Дайверы и снорклеры приезжают со всего мира, чтобы исследовать совершенно уникальный подводный мир Силфры.

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Мы с нетерпением ждем встречи с вами! Мы гордимся нашей квалифицированной интернациональной командой. Узнайте больше о нас здесь.

Our office located in Reykjavík, Iceland is always ready to assist our diving and snorkeling customers before their tour

За кадром

Мы прилагаем все усилия, чтобы обеспечить максимальный комфорт и подарить вам незабываемые впечатления от наших дайвинг– и снорклинг–туров. Узнайте как мы работаем и как проходят наши экскурсии.

News crew divers filming a video about Silfra

Статьи и Bидео

Посмотрите сколько замечательных слов было сказано о дайвинге и снорклинге в Исландии!

Beautiful Green Algae can be found in Silfra, Thingvellir

Стабильность / Эко-ответственность

Мы все хотим внести свой вклад в защиту нашей планеты. Посмотрите, что мы делаем.

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Iceland reopening borders on June 15 - UPDATE


Icelandic authorities have released the latest update regarding the reopening of the Icelandic borders to international travellers.

Iceland will open again on June 15, 2020 and all incoming travellers will have 2 options upon arrival:

  • get tested for COVID-19 at the airport
  • go into quarantine for 2 weeks straight away
    The initial possibility of presenting a clean bill of health from the country of provenance has been revoked.

The test will be free of charge for the first 2 weeks, until July 1st, but it will then cost 15.000 ISK per person.


  • Children born in or after 2005
  • People who have not been in a high-risk zone 14 days before travelling – the only regions that are not classed as high-risk are currently Greenland and the Faroe Islands (this may be reviewed on June 15th)
  • Travellers who have previously tested positive for COVID-19 in Iceland
  • Flight and freight ship crew

This is just the gist, but you can find detailed information on this link. It is also worth mentioning that the European Commission has decided to keep the outisde borders of the Schengen area closed until July 1st. Only travellers coming from countries that are part of the Schengen area will be allowed ot travel to Iceland until then.

We hope to see you soon!


Cleaning up the beaches with


The diving and snorkeling company DIVE.IS has launched a project to clean up the coastline of Iceland. Fríða Líf, divemaster working with DIVE.IS, started the project with a small group of divers and non-divers who, with the support of the whole company, went to Garður on the national day of plocking, 15th of April.

Being the main dive site visited by the company on a daily basis, Silfra was selected to be cleaned up next. Divers were divided into groups to make sure every part of the site was covered. The operation also helped a lot with the collection of data and it was interesting to see where the most trash was collected.

While the divers covered Silfra, other staff, park rangers and volunteers were busy picking up garbage on the land surrounding Silfra to make sure that it won‘t make it out to Silfra, Þingvellir lake and then the ocean.

Park rangers regularly clean up the park, but still quite a lot of litter was found. The biggest group was plastic once again, with 453 pieces total. It was expected that lost scuba and snorkel gear would be prominent and it was indeed the second biggest plastic group with 82 pieces were found. 53 cigarette filters were collected as well and, for those who don’t know, they are made of plastic.
The second biggest group was quite a surprise: a total of 169 pieces of glass and ceramics, mostly small fragments that measured less than 5 cm.
Probably the weirdest thing we found was a great number of coins from many different countries. The coins are in Silfra because a lot of foreigners mistake Silfra for Peningjagjá (literally money fissure), a close-by rift that people have used as a wishing well for years.
One earring was also found.

„The day went amazingly. We are so greatful for the help of the rangers and all the volunteers“, says Fríða Líf on behalf of DIVE.IS. When the clean up was over, DIVE.IS was happy to invite everyone who joined the clean-up to a barbecue on the parking lot by Silfra, with reusable plates of course.

This is an ongoing project and upcoming clean-ups will be advertised on the company social media profiles:


Every couple of months or if something interesting is happening in the Icelandic world of diving and snorkeling, we send out a newsletter.

Our guide giving his customers a briefing before their snorkeling tour in Icelandic winter time

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