Fraser Cameron, Expedition Guide & Instructor

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Fraser Cameron

I was born in Scotland but learnt to dive whilst living in the South of France in 1999. I am a Marine Ecologist (BSc St.Andrews University and Masters Glasgow University). My diving started in Europe but I completed my PADI Instructor course in Jordan during 2012. While training in Jordan I was introduced to technical diving and am currently one of a select few rebreather divers in Iceland. After teaching diving in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean island of Gozo I came to Iceland to work on my PhD doctoratal studies in Cod reproductive behaviour. Having lived in Iceland since 2012 I am an experienced recreational and technical diver with a passion for exploring unusual and remote dive sites on this wonderful Island.

Name:Fraser Cameron
Title at DIVE.IS:Expedition Guide & Instructor
Employed since:01.02.2016
Languages:English, French
Working area:Guides
Favorite dive site:Temple of Doom
Interests/Hobbies:Diving, diving & watching diving videos

What his colleagues say about Fraser


  • "Fraser was the bomb.com. He was the cherry on the top of the ice cream. The Brennivin to the hákarl. [...] fantastic job of ensuring everything fit like it should while making light humor. He really made the experience enjoyable and relaxing."

  • "Fraser was a brilliant guide, helpful, patient, friendly - seriously, just go !!!"

  • "Fraser was fun, extremely patient, friendly and did I mention patient? "

  • "FRASER IS THE BOMB DIGGITY, Fraser was such an extraordinary guide who made everyone in my group comfortable with diving in frigid waters."

  • "Just the best! Friendly, knowledgeable, an expert diver, and helpful in every way. "

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