Bart van den Bos, Lead Guide & Instructor

I rather have a wet dry-suit than a dry wet-suit!

Bart van den Bos

My first introduction to the underwater world was as a teenager while snorkelling at the Costa Brava in Spain. Sparking a lifelong passion for diving and, eventually doing my fist dive on the Maltese Islands. I gained my Open Water Diver certification while I was living and working in the Caribbean. Although born in the Netherlands I have been traveling the world as a chef and since 2006 as a dive pro, before settling in New Zealand for a while and finally ending up in Iceland. “The land of fire and ice, trolls and elves.” If you don’t find me diving you will find me somewhere in the outdoors or training Muay Thai. Still wondering who I am? Just look for the guy who usually wears his hair Viking style.

Name:Bart van den Bos
Title at DIVE.IS:Lead Guide & Instructor
Nationality:Dutch with a hint of Kiwi
Employed since:10.04.2017
Working area:Guides
Favorite dive site:The Wreck of the Rainbow Warrior
Interests/Hobbies:Muay Thai & anything outdoors

What his colleagues say about Bart


  • "His personality was engaging, family, and accommodating, as well as filled with humor. "

  • "Bart, our guide, was the best! Pretty chill and informative, he took care of us."

  • "Super personable and informed which really helped to bring the whole group together as we were able to meet others from around the world on our tour."

  • "Extremely caring, courteous, and shared a lot of interesting details about the lake! "

  • Bart was our guide and the guy couldn't have done it better. Throughout the entire time [...] funny [...] took his responsibility as our guide very seriously. [...] meticulous in every single detail, always letting each person know exactly what he was doing and why he was doing it every step of the way.

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