Iceland's lava caves are awe inspiring

Hidden underneath the surface of Iceland’s vast lava fields are extensive systems of lava caves.  These caves, or tubes, were created during volcanic eruptions as molten lava flowed while also cooling at the surface.  These tubes now form an incredible underground world and are safe for exploration.  What you will find under the earth is nothing like anything you’ve seen above ground.  You will be surrounded by fantastically odd rock formations and your flashlight will bring the phenomenal display of colors to light.

Lava caves have long played an important role in Icelandic culture and folklore.  Trolls and elves are believed to live in the caves and Icelandic medieval literature contains many references to individuals hiding or living in one of the lava caves.  Your guide will be happy to tell you more about the cultural history embedded within the caves.

On your lava tubing tour you will be equipped with a high quality headlight, helmet, and gloves.  We will take you to Leiðarendi cave just a bit south of Reykjavík.  This tour requires some crawling and walking on uneven ground, but it is otherwise an easy activity that a whole family can do together, including children.

Tour Details


1st of May – 30th of September and on request

  • Be in reasonably good shape, i.e. able to go on a short hike
  • Feel comfortable in confined spaces

4-6 hours, depending on the location

Min / Max:

min. 2  / max. 16

Maximum of 8 cavers per cave guide.

Please bring:
  • Good shoes, e.g. hiking boots
  • Suitable clothes for the weather
  • Caving equipment
  • Light snacks
  • Knowledgeable guide
  • Transportation to and from your hotel in the Reykjavík area

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Frequently asked Questions

How long is the cave?
We use 2 different caves on this tour, depending on the time of year and weather / road conditions. Gjábakkahellir cave in Thingvellir is 360 meters long and Leiðarendi cave in Reykjanes is 880 meters long.
How long are we in the cave for?
We are usually underground for 45-60 minutes, depending a bit on the speed of the group.