Silfra, the Ocean & Hot Spring Diving

On the 3-Day Reykjavík tour you will have the opportunity to plunge into three uniquely Icelandic dive sites.

This tour is a combination of the Ocean Diver Tour, the Geothermal Hot Springs Dive Tour, and the Diving Silfra Day Tour.  In addition to exploring the unique underwater worlds of each dive site, we will also visit Thingvellir National Park and the geothermal activity in the area of Krýsuvík on the Reykjanes peninsula.

On the first day of the tour we will dive into the depths of the Icelandic ocean.  Our favorite ocean dive site in the Reykjavík area is Garður, located on the Reykjanes peninsula.  Here divers will see the marine life of the North Atlantic, with the possibility of visits from wolf fish, scorpion fish, flat fish, lump suckers and more.  In addition to the fish, divers will spot crustaceans such as crabs, scallops, northern shrimp, cockles and mussels.  The ocean is brimming with myriad species of marine algae, which not only provide essential nutrition for the other life in the sea but are also colorful and diverse in design.

Iceland’s geothermal activity is one of the defining characteristics of this country, both in terms of its landscape and the culture of its inhabitants.  On the second day of the tour, you will dive into the heart of Iceland’s geothermal activity.  The dive site on this tour is located in lake Kleifarvatn amidst a sprawling, stunning volcanic terrain. Lake Kleifarvatn contains newly discovered underwater hot springs and we will dive straight into these bubbling springs.  After the dive, we will visit the boiling mud pots and colorful sulfur deposits of a nearby area rife with geothermal activity.

On the third and final day of the tour, we will dive Iceland’s ultimate dive site, Silfra.  Silfra is located in Thingvellir National Park, an area of immense interest to geologists and cultural historians alike.  The rift valley of Thingvellir was created by the slow separation of the Eurasian and North American continental plates, and it was here that the original settlers of Iceland held their annual legislative assembly.  The Silfra fissure is the exact location where the continental plates divide; at one point in the dive, you can touch the walls of each continent.  As the water that fills Silfra is glacial water that has been filtered through basaltic lava rock for a distance of 50 km, Silfra’s underwater visibility is unparalleled by any other dive site on the planet.




Tour Details

  • SCUBA diving certification (PADI Open Water or the equivalent)
  • Dry suit diving experience. A dry suit specialty will suffice and/or minimum 10 logged dry suit dives within the last two years of tour date, signed off by an instructor

3 days

Min / Max:

min. 3 divers / max. 12 divers

Please note that in order to confirm a tour departure, we need to reach the minimum number of divers. You are welcome to book an unconfirmed tour even as a single diver. We will refund you in full if the departure is not confirmed.

Please bring:
  • Warm clothes
  • Long underwear
  • Thick socks
  • Proof of dive certification and dry suit experience
  • Dive equipment (All dive equipment can also be rented from us)
  • Transportation
  • 5 guided dives
  • Air tanks and weights

9:00 am on the first day.

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Frequently asked Questions

What size / type of SCUBA tanks do you use?
We use steel tanks due to better buoyancy properties. We use both 12 liter and 15 liter bottles. We can also offer both single and double valves. Please let us know in advance which tank configuration you require for the equipment you bring, so we can have it ready for you.
What type of valve/fittings do you have on your SCUBA tanks?
All our tanks have DIN fittings. If you bring a regulator with a Yoke fitting, also known as INT, we can bring an adapter to screw into our DIN valve. Please let us know in advance.