The ultimate northern dive expedition

Iceland Dive Expeditions is excited to present a unique 10-day expedition that combines the highlights of Iceland and Greenland – two of the most fascinating areas for cold water diving in the world.

The first five days of this tour will be devoted to exploring the highlights of Iceland both above and below water.  On land we will visit the Golden Circle area near Reykjavík.  Here we will witness the powerful geothermal and hydrothermal activity in the Geysir area and at the Gullfoss waterfall.  The Golden Circle is Iceland’s most popular tourist excursion, and truly worth seeing, but we will also take you off the beaten path on our tour.  With weather permitting, we will drive through the impressive Nesjavellir area on the way to Thingvellir.  After the dives, you will have the opportunity to hike up Kerið, an old volcanic crater, and visit the boiling mud pots in the town of Hveragerði (‘Hot Spring Garden’).

In the north we will explore the craters, lava fields, hot springs and otherworldly landscapes of lake Mývatn area.  From here we will also drive through moon-like terrain to get to Dettifoss, an impressive waterfall that holds the rank of Europe’s most powerful waterfall.  You will also have a half day free in Akureyri during which time you can stroll through the town, go horseback riding, hiking, or relax in a café.

The sites that we will dive are the “best of the best” diving locations that Iceland has to offer.  In the south we will dive Silfra, the famous dive between the continents with the greatest underwater visibility on the planet.  The other dive sites are located in the north of Iceland.  The first are the hydrothermal vents Strýtan and little Strýtan in Eyjafjörður.  These are the only under water geothermal chimneys known to man shallow enough to be dived by recreational divers, and the chimneys attract abundant marine life.  In Eyjafjörður we will also dive “The French Gardens” and “The Wall,” which are amazing geological structures with thriving marine life.  Next is Nesgjá, a freshwater site also referred to as the “Silfra of the North.”  Last but not least is Litlaá, which is a geothermally heated river that we will snorkel.  The river contains dancing volcanic sands and multi-colored sediments leaping from the riverbed.


The expedition will then move via airplane and helicopter to Tasiilaq in East Greenland, an area just as striking as it is remote.  We will spend the first day acclimating to this very different environment and taking in the breathtaking scenery, but on the next day we will board our Norwegian built Viknes 770 boat to begin our adventures.

You will be given a very detailed briefing regarding diving safely with icebergs.  However, nothing can prepare you for how absolutely sublime the experience of diving amidst colossal icebergs is.  Each of these mighty underwater ice sculptures is completely unique, and as they are all in the process of slowly melting, your dives among them will truly be once in a lifetime experiences.  During our time in Greenland, we will sail to several fjords that we have determined to be the best for iceberg diving. These fjords include the Sermilik Fjord, which produces about 10% of all icebergs around Greenland, and the fjord where the impressive Knud Rasmussen glacier drops off into the sea.

Near the Knud Rasmussen glacier we will stop at an abandoned US military camp from WWII, where the red rust from the old machinery is a striking sight amidst the towering peaks and blue ocean in this otherwise uninhabited area.

We will dedicate one evening to going on a whale safari, depending on the weather.  This will give you a chance to snorkel dive with the whales — or you can stay on the boat to take photos, as whales in addition to the ice bergs are a magnificent scene.  It is also not uncommon to see humpback and fin whales while diving in Sermilik fjord.


Tour Details


Departure dates and availability 2017

09.-18.08.2017 – Fully booked!

Dates for 2018 TBA


Participants must:

  • be certified at the level of PADI Advanced Open Water or the equivalent
  • have dry suit experience within two years of tour date (minimum of 10 logged dry suit dives total)

10 days

Min / Max:

min. 4 / max. 6 divers

Please bring:
  • Dive equipment (All dive equipment can also be rented from us)
  • Your dive certification card and if possible your divers log book. We require proof of dry suit experience (minimum of 10 dives) to participate in this tour
  • Please read the FAQs further down on this webpage concerning questions about equipment, clothes and other essentials
  • Up to 10 dives in 6 different locations
  • 1 snorkel tour with whales (with some luck)
  • 1 guided ‘city’ tour in Greenland
  • 1 guided photo/glacier tour
  • Transportation on all days of the tour
  • Helicopter flights in Greenland*
  • 4 nights of accommodation incl. breakfast and dinner in Icleand
  • 1 night accommodation in Reykjaivk betwween Iceland and Greenland part of the tour
  • 4 nights of accommodation in Greenland incl. breakfast
  • Dive cylinders and weights
  • Dive guide on all dives (in water or surface supervision)

*Subject to weather and logistical considerations.  Excludes excess baggage allowance.

2018 TBA

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Frequently asked Questions

What size / type of SCUBA tanks do you use?
We use steel tanks due to better buoyancy properties. We use both 12 liter and 15 liter bottles. We can also offer both single and double valves. Please let us know in advance which tank configuration you require for the equipment you bring, so we can have it ready for you.
What type of valve/fittings do you have on your SCUBA tanks?
All our tanks have DIN fittings. If you bring a regulator with a Yoke fitting, also known as INT, we can bring an adapter to screw into our DIN valve. Please let us know in advance.