Where no man has gone before

Here you have the opportunity to be on the frontline, become a pioneer and explore the unexplored with us.
Over the years we have conducted a number of Dive Expeditions and most those dive sites that are within the two handful have been discovered on exactly those Dive Expeditions.

Cod Spawning Expedition

The highlights of Iceland and the spectacle of life

This dive expedition combines our Highlights of Iceland with two days of observing large schools of cod in their spawning activities. The cycle of life will certainly put on a spectacular display for you!

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Westfjords Dive Expedition

Dive into the sublime

The Westfjords are the most remote and sparsely populated coastal area in Iceland.
They are characterised by dramatic, long and deep fjords and towering angular cliffs rising sharply from the deep blue seas.
Beneath the waves waits much to be discovered: pink walls, whale graveyards with heaps of whale bones, ancient wrecks of a whaling boats, and much more.

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Hornvík Live-Aboard Dive Expedition

Europe's last wilderness

In a remote corner of Europe, a bit of wilderness still exists.  There are no roads to Hornvík, so we will sail on our yacht to this special place and spend six days exploring.

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