Alexis Marcellin, Instructor & Guide

"Do a great right, do a little wrong." - W. Shakespeare -


Born and raised amongst natives in L’île de la Réunion (Indian Ocean). I’ve come to Iceland to trade my boardshorts for a drysuit. As far as my childhood memories go, I’ve always had my toes in warm sand and my head underwater. Always up for something new, I’ve made my way to Iceland in 2015 out of curiosity. Since then, I've tried to leave many times, but Iceland got the better of me. As your guide, I will happily try to make your time with us unique while exploring the underwater wonders of Iceland.

Name:Alexis Marcellin
Title at DIVE.IS:Instructor & Guide
Employed since:December 2015
Languages:French, English
Working area:Guides

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Silfra Schnorcheln + Nordlichter

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