Useful links for divers in general is our online-guide to diving in a dry suit.
We wrote a guide for first time dry suit divers, so divers that are going to dive in a dry suit for the first time can prepare in forehand.


Underwater photographers

Charles Hood dived with us in 2005. He is an absolutly amazing photographer. His pictures of Silfra are “out of this world”. We use one of his shots of Silfra cathedral as our background image on this website as well as others in content.
His photos have been on countless magazine front pages of magazines.
Check out Charles Hoods website for his services as a commercial photgrapher and his stunning pictures from all over this world and beyond.


Mike Salvarezza & Christopher Weaver came to dive with us in 2013 and created a number of fantastic articles for different dive magazines as well as presentations on a number of dive shows about diving in Iceland. Check out the website of these outstanding UW photographers and journalists.


Jessi Kingan is a dive instructor and works for DIVE.IS on a freelance basis. She is also an amazing photographer both underwater and on land. Many of her amazing shots decorate our website. Find out more about Jessi and her photography on her website


Dive Travel around the world

Elite Diving Agency is an international scuba agency that provide exclusive holidays to the most beautiful destinations in the world. Great care of details, few divers per group, and only the best dive sites characterize the holiday packages that you can choose. The most famous trips are the 1-week liveaboard program in the Maldives and the 2-weeks yearly sardine run in South Africa. Check them out!


The Northern Lights in Iceland

The Aurora Borealis are an awesome phenomena one can experience in Iceland. Here you can find detailed information about the Northern Lights in Iceland.

Information about

Beautiful neon green algae, Silfra, Iceland © Tobias Klose

Articles & Movies

Great things have been said about Diving in Iceland.

El Grillo, wreck diving in Iceland © René Lipmann

Dive Expeditions

Where no man has gone before

Jeep crossing river in Iceland © René Lipmann


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