Mikael Popov, Instructor & Guide

the sea accepts all rivers , go with the flow


I've been working at Dive.is for the two summers and am deciding to brave through the winter.
It comes as a fun challenge after working in warm climates such as Madagascar, Dominican Republic and South of Spain over the last few years.
The best part of the job is defiantly the team. Big, fun, full of energy and characters.

Name:Mikael Popov
Title at DIVE.IS:Instructor & Guide
Nickname:Miki of Mika
Employed since:June 2017
Languages:English, French, a little spanish
Working area:Guides
Favorite dive site:St George wreck in the Dominican Republic
Favorite spot on this planet:Compton Beach, Isle of Wight, UK
Interests/Hobbies:Waterpolo, Hiking and Mink spotting


  • Mika kickstarted a wonderful trip in Iceland for me

  • ...Mika took really good care of us, prepared all the equipment, supplied us w/ cookies and hot chocolate while the surface-break - best guide you could get for that dive!

  • ...Mika was great as our tour guide and gave us some amazing tips and information plus some jokes!

  • ...I cannot recommend doing this enough, especially if you're lucky enough to be paired with Mika the guide.

  • ...Mika was our tour guide. He had so much knowledge about the geography in the area and also a few extras (he told us if we had time that we should visit the Secret River, which we did! Do this too!).

  • ...Mika is my instructor. He is very experience and patient. Excellent instructor!!